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The Intruder

She had longed for it so much that she didn't care who the stranger was or ...

3 months ago By Anne Lomberg

About Polyamory

Polyamory is not a condition but part of an identity that distances itself from monogamous relationship ...

4 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Your Touch

I slipped my soaked panties down and lay on the bed. With a deep sigh, I ...

4 months ago By Anne Lomberg


My eyes are wide open; I don't even dare to blink. His fingers plunge into the ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Pleasure Center Brain

Sexual fantasies are the key to good sex and know no boundaries.

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Solo Bliss – On Searching and Finding (Self)-Love

Our society distorts individual values related to happiness.

7 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Female sexuality through a life span

Our sexuality evolves throughout our lives and provides exciting insights at every stage, but one thing ...

7 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Myths about Virginity

If we had been better educated in the past with medical facts instead of scary myths, ...

7 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Personal Sex Toy Guide

Since I test selected sex toys and write about them, I receive many messages that focus mainly on uncertainties concerning the application possibilities. For this reason, I want to provide a tool with this guide so that you can get a better understanding of the different types of sex toys and also find your personal product that meets the features you care about.

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