Anne Lomberg

Anne Lomberg was born in Thuringia / Germany, in 1982 and developed her creative passion through poetry and photography. From an early age, she became interested in erotic literature and films – fantasies that she could later express more in Berlin, the capital of kink. Values such as communication and consent played an important role in interaction in her relationships, which she could fully live out in a playful setting. Visually and linguistically, she is constantly reinventing herself, always remaining true to one thing: naturalness in sensuality, without masks or boundaries. Her aesthetic perception symbolizes strength in vulnerability – the greatest freedom. Anne Lomberg is self-taught, currently living in Portugal to surrender more to the elements of nature and draw new inspiration in relationship with herself.

The Intruder

She had longed for it so much that she didn't care who the stranger was or ...

2 months ago By Anne Lomberg

About Polyamory

Polyamory is not a condition but part of an identity that distances itself from monogamous relationship ...

3 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Your Touch

I slipped my soaked panties down and lay on the bed. With a deep sigh, I ...

3 months ago By Anne Lomberg


My eyes are wide open; I don't even dare to blink. His fingers plunge into the ...

5 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Pleasure Center Brain

Sexual fantasies are the key to good sex and know no boundaries.

5 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Solo Bliss – On Searching and Finding (Self)-Love

Our society distorts individual values related to happiness.

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Female sexuality through a life span

Our sexuality evolves throughout our lives and provides exciting insights at every stage, but one thing ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Myths about Virginity

If we had been better educated in the past with medical facts instead of scary myths, ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg


"Enter your subconscious, Elisa. What do you feel?" It's his voice, but his mouth doesn't move. ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Anal Basics Explained

Anal sex is appealing for many reasons. Women find anal penetration much more intense and often ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg


I concentrate on your eyes searching my gaze in awe, forcing me to look at you ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Pleasure of Pain

Pain internalizes the here and now so that other problems become secondary. You could see it ...

6 months ago By Anne Lomberg