My eyes are wide open; I don’t even dare to blink. His fingers plunge into the depths of my divinity, first one, then the other.

By Anne Lomberg on January 19, 2024 -
Updated on June 8, 2024

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“Have you met someone, or what’s going on?” I asked Nele, who was sitting opposite me with a permanent grin. “Better!” she replied, moving her chair closer to the table and leaning towards me. “We have a new product, but it’s still in the test phase. And guess who’s been busy testing it?” she smiled, letting her head shift from side to side as if it were a secret weapon. Nele works in a sex toy factory; I’ve always envied her for that. She is one of the first testers because she writes the best reviews. “So this is something that will change the future. They’ve invented the first virtually controlled sex toy,” she whispered in my ear. I couldn’t believe what she told me and was eager to learn more. We ordered the bill and left the café for a short walk in the park. When we found a secluded park bench, we sat down, and Nele went into raptures.

“This thing is awesome. It consists of two units, a machine, and 3D glasses. As soon as you put the glasses on, you control everything with your eyes. The machine itself is totally compact. You know those huge fucking machines, this one is much smaller and looks like a simple box. You make yourself comfortable, spread your legs, position the box between them, put on the glasses, and get started. Now comes the best part. As soon as you put the glasses on, you’re immersed in a real-life sex experience. There are different hands to choose from that control your desires and a matching voice that reflects your deepest longings. Phew … I don’t want to give too much away, but since I started testing it, I’ve become addicted. It feels like real sex with a person who fulfills everything you want.” This was all pretty surreal. On the one hand, I was extremely curious, but on the other, I was also skeptical. How was this supposed to work? And how on earth was a small box supposed to turn into a fucking machine? I just had to try it out. “Wow, that sounds pretty cool. Do you think I could test it?” I asked. “Absolutely, that’s why I’m telling you about it in the first place. I want to hear your opinion. As I’m the only one testing the device so far, and I’ve really lost some of my faith that such an ingenious thing even exists, I need some certainty. And don’t worry; it’s all totally sterile. When we go to my car later, I’ll give it to you, but shhh … top secret,” she winked before we turned our conversation to another topic.

Arriving home, I stare skeptically at the small box, the so-called fucking machine, resting on my kitchen island. I hold the 3D glasses in my hand, which not only look particularly classy in white and with gold applications but also appear highly complex. I have to test it, so I don’t hesitate for long and head into the bedroom. Following Nele’s instructions, I make myself comfortable. Dressed only in my white silk shirt, I spread my legs, position the box between my thighs, and put on the glasses. Immediately, the image before my eyes is mirrored realistically, except that everything looks even more beautiful. My legs, my dark pubic hair, and my stomach are enveloped in a warm light while the box flashes and offers a wide range of options. I zoom in closer and am guided through a program that unfolds like a sex toy catalog. First, you have to decide whether you want a dildo, a vibrator, or a combination of both. I choose both.

Double stimulation is a good choice. May I have my magic hands guided at will?” asks a deep male voice. I’m perplexed and don’t know what to do. “Don’t worry, just talk to me. I am completely at your service.” – “Okay, yes,” I say hesitantly, waiting to see what happens next. Where has this voice suddenly come from, and how the hell is that even possible? It sounds too real, not like a computer voice at all. Heat floods my body as if I’ve just been caught masturbating in public, lying half-naked on my bed with a tiny box between my thighs and clunky glasses on my face. My hands claw into the sheets, and I can already feel the first drops of pleasure gathering around my sex. “According to your information and your brief statement, I was able to put together suitable toys, as well as my fingers that will guide them.”
What the fuck! “I can also see you’re already wet, that’s why we will start your treatment immediately. Watch carefully and enjoy.”

Treatment? Oh my God, I can hardly wait. I relax and look expectantly at the small box, which shakes back and forth wildly before a beautiful, big penis-shaped crystal dildo turns in the light before my eyes. Next to it, a measuring stick with a size of 8 inches appears. I confirm my selection with a tick. The second toy is a black, vibrating silicone cone with a tip fluttering gently to ultra-strong. I confirm this selection, too, and unconsciously spread my thighs further apart. “Very nice. I knew you would like this selection. My hand is also at your service.” Suddenly, a large man’s hand with dark hair appears and I start to drool. “I am your personal fucking machine, and I will fuck you until you stop producing juice and fall asleep.” My pulse quickens at this announcement as the camera angle changes and shows a close-up of my greedy sex. “I know you like to watch, so you’ll get to see me penetrate your holes up close.” The hand gently places both sex toys between my spread legs as the first fingers go exploring. “Hmmm, you’re so wet. I like that. Do you like that too?” Only a soft moan leaves my lips as I watch how index and middle fingers slowly stroke up and down between my labia, the wet sound echoing in my ears, deeply arousing me. “Let’s prepare you a little before we continue playing with the toys.” My eyes are wide open; I don’t even dare to blink. His fingers plunge into the depths of my divinity, first one, then the other. He does it with deliberation; they shine more each time he pulls them out. The smacking sound drives me mad, and I start to circle my hips slightly in both directions before he sinks them fully into me again. My inner walls loosen up to this wonderful feeling, the stretching, and all that is yet to come. “That’s it, you’re so receptive and wet. I’m going to insert the first dildo into you now.” Fuck, why do I get so turned on when the voice tells me what it’s doing? As if it could penetrate my innermost being, not only physically but also mentally. It’s obvious that I’m watching this game live and up close. I can see my opening being stretched wide by his fingers and my labia swelling with desire.

When the fucking machine holds the crystal glans against my clit, I’m already over the moon. This dildo looks like a glass penis that slides up and down between my labia with relish. But it’s not penetrating me, not yet. Pure torture, I think as I moisten my lips and continue to stare at my 3D pussy. The hand guides the crystal penis extremely elegantly and teases me in the most heavenly way. All of a sudden, a clear liquid pours over the shaft. Is that lube? “Let’s experiment a little; I know you like anal stimulation. I’ll be very gentle and insert the dildo into you bit by bit until it disappears completely. Please push your buttocks forward a little and help me spread them. I’ll make sure you get the best view.” I nod eagerly, even though I have no idea if that even matters. Then I spread my buttocks with my hands and pull my pelvis up a little. This camera angle is awesome. I can see and feel the wet crystal circling around my anus before the glans penetrates me bit by bit. The firm texture and the lubricant make it possible; I adjust and enjoy every further thrust. “Slowly, hhmm, watch how it slides into you effortlessly. And see how far you’re already stretched. It’s time to put the vibrator to work.” I sigh and moan loudly as the crystal dildo disappears all the way into my tight ass, only to reappear and disappear again before pausing inside. My fingers claw into my buttocks; I spread them until I can visualize and feel everything.

The black cone vibrator is guided directly to my clit, full power, something I hadn’t expected. With the crystal dildo in my ass, I pull back as the hand takes the vibrator from my clit and guides it straight into my pussy. He thrusts into me with quick movements, and my ass pushes forward again. I give myself to him completely, no matter what he does, I’m ready. “That’s a good girl. You’ll be rewarded for this. Expect multiple orgasms.” A second hand joins in; it looks different from the first, more delicate, almost feminine. This hand operates the crystal dildo and penetrates my anus with slow, long thrusts while the fucking machine stimulates my pussy with the vibrator and my clit with its fingers. Everything is foaming; my inner labia are fluttering like the vibrator in my pussy. The triple stimulation feels almost too intense when I am suddenly overwhelmed by a mega orgasm. My body starts to twitch, and I scream my fulfillment into the empty room. The hands pause briefly before picking up full speed again. The crystal penis continues to stretch my anus with slow, long strokes, synchronized with the vibrator in my pussy, which has adjusted the tempo. The beautiful thumb on my clit has also restricted the movements and is gently stroking my hairy mound of Venus. “Give us another orgasm, don’t be shy. We demand everything from you.” We? So the second hand is another person. This knowledge worries and excites me in equal measure. “We’ll fuck you together. Look how ready you are. The juice is just flowing out of you,” says a female voice. My body temperature alternates between cold and hot, an intense pressure spreads through my abdomen. The vibrator pulls out of my pussy and is replaced by its fingers, which coax out all my juices. My 3D glasses are sprayed completely wet, and I can only dimly recognize how the movements of the hands remain steady. “Yes, fuck me,” I sigh, feeling like I’ve given all of me as my eyes get heavier and heavier.

The buzzing sound of the cell phone snaps me out of my sleep. Completely dazed, I slowly pull down the 3D glasses that still rest on my head. With half-closed eyes, I fumble for my cell phone and see a message from Nele. What a coincidence, I think, before turning my attention to my body. I need to know if it was all real. The little box is still on the bed but next to my legs. As I come more and more to my senses and slowly see sharply, I look between my thighs and touch my openings with my fingers. Nothing, they are untouched, no juices, no entering. None of this has happened, but how can it be? I’ve had the most intense orgasms of my life. This fucking machine has invaded my brain; I could swear it really did all those glorious things to me. Maybe Nele is right. Is this the new future? Virtual sex, without any touching, without any penetration, brain fucking, so to speak? We are damned … damned … damned.

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