I perceived the sound of his sighs each time he delivered another blow and how he contentedly stepped back to inspect his masterpiece.

By Anne Lomberg on July 16, 2023 -
Updated on November 10, 2023

Also available in German

Abby sits on the edge of the bed in her maid’s room, wide-legged and dressed only in a nightgown, writing in her diary as she does every night. In between, she looks at her petite thighs, which are covered with numerous stains and marks. The sight releases a satisfied grin before she brings the feather pen to her lips, pauses briefly, and eagerly begins to write.

Joe gave me a hard lesson again today after I literally begged for punishment. I walked into his studio dressed in a short skirt and shirt as he had instructed. After I entered the studio, I took off my sneakers, socks, and panties and went straight to his back room next to the showroom, leaned over the pasting table, lifted my skirt, and stretched my arms out in front; everything exactly as he had texted me before. It was exciting. My thighs trembled and ached with desire. I rubbed my pussy against the rough wood of the chipboard and waited. Some time passed until I heard footsteps slowly approaching. I then spread my legs wider because I didn’t want to wait any longer to finally get fucked by him. But he did nothing. He just stood behind me.

I could catch a glimpse of his leather shoes and perfectly ironed trousers through my dark strands of hair, while his hands rested at his sides. I love his hands; they are the most masculine thing I have ever seen or felt. Veins pulse on the surface, and sometimes when he allows me to touch him, I caress each of his fingers with devotion and imagine them sliding into my mouth, pussy, butt. Joe possesses this unique aura, a dominance that keeps my body off balance and my blood boiling. He usually gives subtle commands; otherwise, he looks grim and plays with me in his favor. He knows very well that I am a slave to him, that I only get wet for him and crave his punishments.

“Muse”, he called me as I lay on the pasting table, waiting for him to do something other than to look at my buttocks and dripping pussy. I was at the fucking end of my patience. I felt the hot juice already reaching my calves. So I did something that irritated us both for a moment. I jerked my right hand back and tried to grab his cock through his pants. It was a perfect move; I caught it and felt its hard steel length pushing through the fabric. I tugged on it, and wouldn’t let go. I was completely out of my mind. Joe pushed my head down on the table as his pelvis unintentionally bumped against my pussy. With slow circles, I rubbed against his cock, begging for more. He was speechless; he had not expected such force any more than I had. After he violently pulled my hair back and guided my head to his mouth, I knew I had gone one step too far. –You’ll regret this, my little pet. You’re not the one making demands here. So get the fuck off my cock before I lose myself completely. –

With a heavy bang, he hauled my head on the table and tugged my hand off his cock. He bent both my wrists behind my back into a painful police grip. I screamed and begged to be a good girl from now on, as he punished me by rubbing his stiff limb back and forth between my thighs. How could he keep it together while I was falling apart? I remember how the rubbing increased my desire for his cock and how I thought I probably wouldn’t be his little pet much longer. Joe made it very clear that he was only interested in me if I was 100% submissive and never forced myself on him. Lately, I think I’ve strained his nerves a little too much.

While I lay there writhing in pain because he still wasn’t loosening that shitty grip, and his cock was dangerously close, he pulled cuffs out of the drawer with his other hand. He tied my wrists, walked around the table, and turned my head forward. –See what you’re up to, you silly brat? My pants are completely soaked. One minute you were my muse, and now you’re nothing but a greedy, spoiled brat. – In between lines, he eagerly handed out slaps while I acted remorseful and asked for forgiveness repeatedly. – Please, Daddy, it won’t happen again. I swear! –

I only have fuzzy memories of what happened after that. I don’t know if it was because I gave up, knowing I would never feel Joe’s cock inside me, or if it was because the events that followed completely washed my sanity away. Either way, he backed away indifferently, occasionally cursing his pants and saying he could throw them away now, before reaching for some utensils from the drawer. I turned my face to the side as he spread all the whips, chains, and vibrators beside me. Then he pulled a blindfold over my face. He told me to give myself into it completely. If my senses are limited, it will be even more intense. If I can take it, a reward awaits.

The sound of the dragging chains on the tile floor made my ears prick up. He used them to pull my legs apart until he could hook them to the table legs. He untied my hands and gave me a more comfortable position by chaining them to the other two table legs. I felt like a piece of cattle on a slaughter bench and loved it. There was no escape anymore. I had gone too far, and this time he would push me to the limit.

He took a pair of scissors, cut my skirt, and pulled it out from under my belly. My sweaty shirt slid up just a little to provide an optimal contact area for the following whippings. These came violently, and I felt him vent his anger at my simplicity. My thighs quivered, my pussy exposed more and more as he alternately inserted his fingers and released them with a sucking sound. I lost myself in this state that left no time to breathe. An avalanche of pleasure flowed through my body, sharpening my remaining senses. I perceived the smell of sweat, leather, and sweetness. I perceived the sound of his sighs each time he delivered another blow and how he contentedly stepped back to inspect his masterpiece. I perceived the sensation of my orgasms building and evolving backward as he paused when I was about to cum.

–You don’t cum until I say so. I want you begging for it when I’m done with you. – He pulled the chains on my ankles tighter so my legs were spread even wider before he buried his fingers inside me again, wetness running over his fingers. I heard him bend down, maybe even kneel, then bite into my swollen flesh. This pain was so sweet and unbearable at the same time that I couldn’t help but beg. Not for his cock, but for my release. I craved my orgasm like a school kid craved his candy cone. I imagined the look on his face as he watched everything closely, slowly getting back behind me, wiping his fingers on his pants, and pulling a vibrator off the table. He played with the vibrations before setting it on the highest level. With one hand, he held onto my butt cheek as he wandered the vibrator around my sex. He inserted it deep into my pussy, then teased my clit, thrusting into my pussy again and running the vibrator along to my anus. I think this moment stretched to infinity because I was in a trance from then on. Torn by the intoxicating feelings around my sex and the certainty that Joe was in charge, it burst out of me.

–Fuck, please, Daddy, I want to cum! – Joe bent over me and pushed the vibrator all the way into my pussy, using his other hand to stroke my sweaty hair. He pulled the blindfold away, and I looked into huge black pupils. Like an animal hunting its prey, his once blue eyes filled with the blackness of his desire. It was frightening and arousing at the same time. He commanded me to look at him as he intensified the thrusts, pushing the vibrator in its entire length into my holes alternately. With his other hand, he stroked the strands out of my face and soothed me. He called me his muse again as I collapsed and spit my long-awaited orgasm onto the table. My body feasted on the last thrusts of ultimate fulfillment. Satisfied, he loosened my chains, kissed my bruised butt and thighs, and left the room. As he did so, he looked back briefly and said. – You don’t need my cock, my little pet; the only thing you need is the certainty that you will never possess it.- I could have sworn that my desire flared up again in that split second.

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