The Sound of the Sea

My juices ally. I leave them to the sea and with it a piece of me. While your fingers conquer my cunt and you gently insert them into me one by one, I look at the infinity on the horizon, carried by floods of pleasure to the beat of our blossoming desire.

By Anne Lomberg on September 3, 2023 -
Updated on March 15, 2024

Also available in German
Das Rauschen des Meeres

The synchronicity of our bodies has always fascinated me. Soft as waves, we rock in the vastness of the Atlantic, carried by nothing but pure bliss with your cock between my thighs and your lusty eyes searching for the entrance below the water’s surface. We drift and allow ourselves to be blessed by the majestic size of each and every wave that caresses us tenderly and brings us inch by inch closer to the shore as if to show us the way, as if to save us from our madness. Because that’s what it feels like when we are together: intoxicating, electrifying. We don’t think, we only feel, we feast on our pleasure without any sense of space and time. We touch each other subtly, me circling your glans with my fingertips, you sliding your fingers under the hem of my swimsuit. Desire is perfection, and I wonder if we will ever be more than fragmentary limbs that wait and suffer, loving and forgetting, in order to always maintain passion. Be that as it may, I grant you a little leeway and pull my swimsuit straps to the sides while my nipples stretch towards you with excitement. The sensuality of my unconditional nature manifests in your face; you appreciate a welcome invitation and caress one breast after another.

I feel your cock pushing deeper between my thighs, scratching the texture of my swimsuit as you wrap your arms around my body, and I moan for release. Your fingers dance rhythmically between hem and skin, your glans instinctively piercing the pleasure-soaked space of my thighs as you push them a little closer and speed up your movements—my juices ally. I leave them to the sea and with it a piece of me. While your fingers conquer my cunt and you gently insert them into me one by one, I look at the infinity on the horizon, carried by floods of pleasure to the beat of our blossoming desire. Can you hear it? The murmur means life; all the collected blood centers at the core of my femininity; I release it and enclose your fingers in perfect warmth. One sigh after another escapes our demanding throats. I embrace you as if you were my lifeline, if only for this moment. The reflecting sun blinds my eyes, so I bury my face in your neck and breathe in your smell of wet sunscreen on salty skin. Damn, you smell so good. Weightless, the spectrum of the universe shows itself in its full diversity; perhaps this is the part we will never forget, the integral consciousness of our existence. I start licking, sucking, biting your neck, and enjoy your faster finger rotations on my labia, playing with them under the wet texture. Your cock pumps incessantly like a spear between my thighs; it too longs for fulfillment to unite with the world.

Under the water’s surface, our vibrations become smooth. In slow motion, we drift involuntarily so that each reunion of utmost satisfaction pays tribute; then when my bare breasts swirl up the waves and make them splash between our torsos, then when your cock paves its way between my labia; Labia, now completely free at the mercy of the surging sea, wanting nothing more than to merge with your throbbing limb. Gently, you push towards me without penetrating me. With one hand, you hold the hem of my swimsuit between your fingers, and with the other, you enclose my face. I kiss your palm. Why can’t we always be so kind to each other? The sea teaches us respect; here, in the kingdom of a thousand myths, we forget our immoralities and look each other truly in the eyes, probably for the first time. I grab your cock and take over your movements, rubbing it between my labia, just gently touching my opening. At the tip, I feel the first drops making their way into the depths. And again, I hear the foaming sound that rises above us to bless this bond. My fingers dance faster around your pulsing glans as your length thrusts harder against my swollen flesh. I look into your eyes; I recognize devotion and vulnerability, something that you grant me only in moments of supreme ecstasy. Give me your seed and leave it to the gods of the oceans.

With a quick gesture, you guide your hand to my ass so that my thighs wrap around your hips. I ride your entire length between my spread labia until your glans push further to my buttocks. My juices are lost in the water as our bodies circle in dialogue. They tell stories of pleasure, lightness, the perfection in togetherness here in the sea’s infinite expanses that never abandon us and carry us so far until your feet reach the muddy ground. You hold me tight, your thrusts gain strength, and now and then, I hear the urgent need to slide inside me while your muscles twitch, your lips press against my ear, and your glans explore my entrance. “Come for me,” I whisper. “Leave your seed to the sea and with it a piece of you.” My swimsuit flows around my waist like a scrap of fabric; your fingers have lost patience while you decide to plunge into the tightness of my desire. It happens unexpectedly, I take you all in and sigh, ready to surrender.

I submit my body to the water and let you penetrate me. Slow, deep strokes replace fast, intense thrusts. My breasts bounce with the waves while you overwhelm me. You guide me like Poseidon, a long spear buried inside me. With a powerful weapon that causes earthquakes, we seek redemption. All the collected blood centers at the core of my femininity; I release it and enclose your cock in perfect warmth as I suddenly free myself from you, and we both watch the inevitable. Seeds and juices gush from glans and cunt at lightning speed, uniting with the world before being carried away and disappearing as if they never existed, as if they were only a fraction of our being that loses meaning with the little death.

Exhausted, we seek safety in our arms and pause. Looking at the endless horizon, we say goodbye, and listen to the contented sound of the sea.

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