Tongues and Tales

Her pubic mound pressed against mine, and a pleasant warmth flowed through me as I encircled her filthy mouth with my hand and made my way down. Her soft sighs soaked my palm, her tongue rooting for an opening.

By Anne Lomberg on August 20, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

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Zungen und Geschichten

“I knew a guy,” Marla gushed as she lay beside me, running her fingers over her hard nipples. “He used to go wild when we were intimate. As soon as he caught my scent, something inside him changed, and he would rush upon me like an animal. Mostly, it started harmlessly, we were having a drink or walking through the park, exchanging everyday stories, and he behaved in a most civilized manner, but as soon as we got closer, hugged each other, and he buried his face into my neck, his nature changed drastically. Then he grabbed my hair and stared into my eyes as he slid his other hand right between my thighs. The last time we met in the park, I wore a summer dress. It was so hot that I did without underwear, and he had free access to my wet desire. When he noticed this, his eyes narrowed, and his nostrils flared. His gaze lingered on mine. He pushed me roughly against an oak tree, spread my legs wide, and fingered me with such abandon that I came instantly. I didn’t know what hit me, wanting to moan, but he pressed his palm against my mouth as he finger-fucked me. I recall the smell of musty wood and the musky scent of his skin on my lips. From a distance, I could see people walking past us hand in hand with their children or lovers, and I felt like I was in a rape scene where the protagonist wants to scream, but no one notices her, though it’s happening in broad daylight. Except that I enjoyed it, even if it came surprisingly violently. I enjoyed how he claimed me, how he forcibly tugged my dress up, how his fingers took in my orgasm, and the way he watched me. Phew, I remember that expression well. There was something feral about it, something determined. His bushy eyebrows contracted so much that they merged into one. Occasionally, he would sniff me, bite my neck, feast on my pain, then push his fingers deeper inside me. And even though I already had an orgasm, he didn’t stop. He knew there was more to come. I felt him press his palm against my pubic mound, making the now curled fingers twitch in quick movements against my G-spot. The rippling sound … oh fuck, I’m all wet again.”

Marla stretched in the most sensual way as I decided to continue her story because I couldn’t deny some tickling between my thighs either. Her body was greedy, so I guided my fingers between her wet labia as she spread them for me. Moaning, she lifted her chest and pressed her blonde hair into the pillows. She opened her soft lips to a heavy sigh and surrendered to whatever would happen next. I couldn’t help but kiss her; I had to bury my tongue in her mouth before I would fuck her with it. Our breasts rubbed against each other, and her body quivered with desire. There was no doubt that she was an insatiable nymph, and I would satisfy her over and over again if she didn’t stop telling stories like that. Those stories aroused me deeply, as my juices found their own way hidden between damp lips. The scenario became vivid in front of my eye, there by the oak tree, while people passed by from a distance, and he fingered her from one orgasm to the next, coaxing the pleasure out of her and sealing her mouth with his hand so that nothing but warm breaths and muted moans stained his skin.

“Did he do it that way?” I growled against her ear as I thrust three fingers into her pussy, gazing into her demanding eyes. “Oh yes, that’s exactly how it was. Please don’t stop!” I noticed how she tried to stretch her chest further up to merge with my breasts. Her pubic mound pressed against mine, and a pleasant warmth flowed through me as I encircled her filthy mouth with my hand and made my way down. Her soft sighs soaked my palm, her tongue rooting for an opening. Such a greedy thing. I granted her this freedom, but just this once, before I would go down on her and eat her pussy. Oh, this woman, her smell is truly unleashing. I pulled my fingers from her dripping desire to my mouth and feasted on her juices. She tasted like wild oranges and Syrah but one of the noblest kind. I wanted to let her taste and wandered my red-painted fingernails along her belly until I paused at one breast and grabbed it hard. She moaned loudly, reached for my hand to shove her fingers into her mouth, and licked them obsessively. I studied her devotion before conquering her pussy with my other hand and began to enter her with my index and middle fingers gently.

She was so damn wet. The more she licked my fingers, the more involuntarily it gushed out of her; this made me furious. I jerked my fingers out of her mouth and pussy, heartily grabbed both thighs, and spread them wide before sinking my tongue inside her. She writhed and raised her ass so I could thrust deep inside her, filling her twitching inner walls and carrying her from one ecstasy to the next. My tongue became a firm spear, slowly and purposefully shoving into her glorious desire as she clung to my curly hair. I held her ass high, squeezing her butt cheeks and thrusting forward until my tongue disappeared completely. Every now and then, I pulled out to suck on her clit and spread her wonderful juices around her sex, then entered her again. My fingers were not to be missed. I gently lowered her ass and ran my red-painted fingernails up and down her inner labia before pushing one after the other inside her. While doing so, I played around her clit with my tongue and kissed her wet pubic hair. Marla cramped like crazy, and I knew she was ready. So I crawled up to her and embraced my lips with hers. She sucked on my mouth, consuming the taste of her own juices and invading hastily with her tongue as I curled my fingers and made them twitch in quick movements against her G-spot. “I’m cumming!” she screamed into the bare room, which reflected the sounds of pleasure as I felt her inner walls contract violently, causing my movements to lose speed.

Her orgasm flowed like a hot stream over each of my fingers; I lingered inside her until her breathing calmed and her body slumped. I stroked her rosy cheeks and looked at her face, which formed into an expression of complete satisfaction while she opened her lazy eyelids and turned her gaze on me, where I perceived the everlasting fire. “You know, the other day in the library, I met a woman,” Marla sighed as she lay beside me, letting her fingers wander over her belly.

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