Touch of Silk

He looks at the firm breasts that emerge almost like waves under the delicate silk, transforming his painful memories into something immortal.

By Anne Lomberg on July 9, 2023 -
Updated on October 21, 2023

Also available in German
Ein Hauch von Seide

When she touches herself, she always thinks of the nights with the archaeologist who calls her to his hotel once a month; then when he returns to town to disseminate his latest research results. He always books the same room at Madame Rêve and expects nothing from Luisa but to undress in front of him, shower, and put on the silk blouse that once belonged to his deceased wife. Luisa obeys without resistance, without asking any questions, trusting in their agreement a few years ago when they first started dating. She gets 700€, and he gets her ultimate devotion.

There were moments when Luisa left the money in the bathroom because she could no longer deny her feelings for the archaeologist, which were slowly growing. They met at eye level; he respected her and treated her with an indulgence that almost caused her pain when she was home alone, masturbating, thinking of his hungry and lost eyes staring into the depths of her lust. He did nothing more, nothing less. Luisa’s craving became unbearable, so she desperately wanted to feel his cock everywhere inside her.

He, on the other hand, looked past her little outbursts. He doubled or tripled the money when she left it. He lovingly guided her hand from his lap when she couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to tug at his fly. He soothed her when she cried in despair, seeking support in his arms. He always reminded her of the flawlessness of their relationship by placing Luisa on the bed, setting aside her favorite toy, and encouraging her to spread her legs wide with a simple hand gesture.

Like today.

Imposing skylights frame the suite of Madame Rêve’s, giving Luisa a unique view from above and making her feel as if all of Paris is watching her masturbate. As always, the archaeologist has placed his armchair at the end of the bed, reserved for himself, like the front-row seat in a theater. After Luisa reluctantly surrenders to her fate and spreads her legs, he notices how wet she already is. He puts on his glasses and moves a little closer. “Do me a favor and touch yourself!” Luisa nods and slowly guides her fingers between her thighs. She wets them with her warm juices and gently moves them from perineum to clit as she makes delicate circles and moans. “Please just touch me once,” she pleads, lifting her buttocks into the air while sounds of pleasure put her into trance. “Just imagine it and look me in the eyes while doing so,” he replies. Without hesitation, she reaches for the vibrator and inserts the tip into her vagina before choosing the level that always takes her beyond tangible spheres. She looks eagerly into his eyes and wants nothing more than his fingers claiming all her openings. The vibrator’s movements become stronger; involuntarily, Luisa switches back and forth between clit and vagina, looking at the archaeologist’s hands resting gently on his armrests. She enjoys his attention around her sex; she enjoys how he occasionally takes off his glasses and pinches the back of his nose, then leans in again with a soft sigh. He looks at her unspoiled beauty, the hunger in her eyes, and between her legs. He looks at the firm breasts that emerge almost like waves under the delicate silk, transforming his painful memories into something immortal.

Luisa spreads her legs wider and hastily lets her fingers dance around her sex while the vibrator thrusts inside her vagina, evoking a first orgasm. As she does, she imagines each of the archaeologist’s fingers exploring her holes, telling her which finger he is about to insert and how many will follow. He runs his fingers over her lips, puts them in her mouth, on which she sucks in delusion before he can only force them out, to then wander over her sensual breasts, wetting the silk with her juices and pausing between her thighs. She imagines him burying his head inside her from sheer arousal while looking up at her, his tongue sliding in and out of her vagina, and his thumb circling her clit. Waves of bliss pass through her as he keeps commanding her to look into his eyes, moving a little closer to witness the inevitable. He has studied her movements over the years; he knows when it’s time to let go and surrender to relentless devotion. Then, when her body twitches, when she squirms and forgets why he only touches her with his eyes and not with his hands, when she tugs at the sheets, and the vibrator on full blast makes her walls quiver.

This time he takes it a step further and blows his warm breath on her pubic hair before kissing her inner thighs, each with deliberation, then pulling away again. Luisa tilts her head, rolls her eyes back, shakes as she never has before, and moans as if her greatest longings have finally been answered. With a flick of her wrist, she pulls the toy off her vagina and pumps the last drops between her sweaty buttocks. Thereby, she looks the archaeologist in the eyes, eyes filled with deep satisfaction. She notices how his whole posture loosens, how his heartbeat slows, and how he turns away his gaze from her sex to take in all her divinity. He wanders over the silk blouse, over her pointed nipples to her neck, over her voluptuous lips to her half-open eyes. Once again, their eyes meet in awe and the intimate understanding they have built over the years. A silent agreement that demands the highest satisfaction of both, even if each gnaws for himself the traces of imperfect love. A love granted to one only subtly until it disappears in a faded memory of silk and youthfulness.

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