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Love muscle training is primarily about two important phases, tension and relaxation. Only this combination enables a pleasure-increasing experience.

By Anne Lomberg on September 21, 2023 -
Updated on October 21, 2023

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Most people immediately associate the pelvic floor with bladder weakness or childbirth and the unpleasant aftereffects when the muscles slacken. But a strong pelvic floor has much more to offer regarding becoming aware of your female strength and enjoying better sex. Because targeted pelvic floor training ensures more sensitivity and consequently more intense orgasms, and not only women but also men benefit from a regular sex workout. The blood supply to the sexual organs improves, making longer love sessions effortless. And while we’re on the subject of love, we can also classify the pelvic floor under the more appropriate term ‘love muscle‘ to depart from the medical context.

Visually, we can imagine our love muscle, aka pelvic floor, as a hammock that holds the overlying organs such as the bladder, intestines, or even the uterus in women. If this muscle, the PC muscle, is too weak, it loses tension, and the hammock with the organs mentioned sags. This causes the organs to shift and leads to negative consequences such as discomfort in the sexual and digestive areas, lower back pain, and sexual displeasure. For this reason, it is totally important to strengthen the PC muscle ahead of time, even before pelvic floor weakness develops. With a targeted love muscle workout (sex workout), the hammock becomes elastic and stable again so that organs stay in place and the power of sexuality freshly ignited.

Sex workout

Love muscle training is primarily about two important phases, tension and relaxation. Only this combination enables a pleasure-increasing experience and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Let’s start with breathing, the basis for becoming aware of the pelvic floor in the first place. For this, I recommend an elevated sitting position, for example, on a yoga block or a few books. With both hands on the lower belly, we bring our attention to the center and begin with deep and long breaths, in which we push our pelvis backward with the inhalation and tilt it forward again with the exhalation; this trains the love muscle without much effort, just by taking a few breaths and moving the pelvis. Movement is generally a basic requirement for a strong love muscle. In today’s everyday life, which for many takes place in the digital world, most people sit in front of the computer for several hours, which automatically leads to a lack of movement. With small breaks and yoga exercises focusing on the pelvis, momentum returns to the hips. Simple activities such as circling the pelvis on all fours and rocking forward and backward are enough. The motto is to remain playful and, above all, to approach and get to know the pelvic floor mindfully.

The second part is about inner feeling, which means connecting with the vagina and inserting one or two fingers. Here, you can feel the contractions yourself and find out whether the love muscle is well-trained or not. During tension, the deep inhalation, the muscle closes tightly around the fingers, while during relaxation and free exhalation, perhaps even moaning, the fingers are released again. This can also be trained wonderfully with a partner who inserts the fingers while communicating how it feels.

With targeted Kegel training and the use of love balls or yoni eggs, the love muscle will be strengthened in a relaxed way without feeling like doing anything, but caution: risk of sore muscles! It is important to start small with the weights to then increase with stronger pelvic floor muscles slowly. Rhythm also plays a crucial role, i.e., how many times a day should I carry the balls? Initially, a 15-minute workout is recommended; later, the balls can be worn while shopping, doing yoga, and all other everyday errands. Yoni eggs and love balls come in a variety of shapes and designs. For beginners, I would recommend balls with retrieval strings to be able to mentally rely on the feeling of easy release. In addition, you should definitely pay attention to the material processing as well as strange smells of the selected products. Non-porous materials, high quality, and a neutral scent make all the difference. Be sure to wash and disinfect before insertion!

More control for more intense orgasms

A strong love muscle brings more pleasure to the bedroom, whether alone or with a partner. It’s about getting to know your body better, becoming more aware of your femininity with a controlled contraction to tighten the vagina because this makes you feel everything much more intensely, whether during penetration or masturbation. The more trained the love muscle is, the more sensitive it is. In addition, regular training promotes blood circulation so nerve endings are more easily stimulated.

A good balance between tension and relaxation is key for good and, above all, pleasurable sex. The PC muscle moves, and the love muscle is supplied with blood, which in turn leads to optimal moistening of the vagina. If you tense the love muscle too much, you risk feeling pain during sexual intercourse. In addition, the tension is exhausting, and sensations are reduced to a minimum; one more reason to always communicate feelings and desires openly, not only with the respective partner but also with yourself. Being able to know your own body inside out and to respond to its needs is enormously empowering. Because it means we not only understand what makes us feel good and what stimuli we react to positively or even negatively, but we can consciously experience and celebrate sex. Connecting with the love muscle, perceiving it for the first time, playing with it, and controlling it opens up new possibilities that lead to the highest satisfaction. As always, I appeal to a regular masturbation routine in addition to the training sessions mentioned above because even when experimenting with yourself and integrating selected sex toys, the love muscle is omnipresent and just waiting for a few caresses to be actively built up.

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