The Mystery of Squirting

Squirt fluid can be expelled before, during, and after climax, or even without orgasm. However, the feeling of squirting is usually perceived as very liberating and associated with an intense pleasure experience.

By Anne Lomberg on August 17, 2023 -
Updated on October 21, 2023

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Das Mysterium des Squirtens

Squirting is probably one of the most magical mysteries of women that still needs some research, even in science and medicine. Especially when it comes to the components of the squirted fluid, which is mainly composed of water, uric acid, urea, creatinine, sodium, and PSA, but for many, it is often associated with squirted urine. PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein produced in the male as well as female prostate and, in women, originates from the Skene glands, which are located between the vagina and urethra and above the G-spot. Stimulation of the Skene glands causes a secretion from the vagina that contains small amounts of urine but cannot be compared to urine during urination. Nevertheless, as pressure is applied to the urethral sponge, the sensation becomes associated with urination, and the release of the squirt fluid becomes a mental hurdle for many women. Why it’s still worth crossing this pleasurable line and how you can train to squirt, you’ll learn in this essay.

Squirting and ejaculation

An interesting fact I noticed while researching this topic is that squirting is also called female ejaculation, although these are two different processes. While squirting uses muscle force to eject secretion from the urethra and other areas, female ejaculation involves secretion flowing directly from the Skene’s gland, usually during orgasm. These processes can lead simultaneously to an explosive squirt orgasm, but they do not have to since squirting is not directly related to orgasm. Squirt fluid can be expelled before, during, and after climax, or even without orgasm. However, the feeling of squirting is usually perceived as very liberating and associated with an intense pleasure experience.

I, too, have already had the pleasure of squirting and still remember how I tried to resist it the first time because I was afraid to urinate in front of my partner, who I didn’t even know well. After I finally let go, I could do it over and over again, and since then, the person I am having fun with only needs a certain fingering technique, and it involuntarily squirts out of me whether I want it to or not. Personally, I have found great pleasure in squirting, and I am happy when my partner has this particular technique, but it is not a must. Now and then, I try to make myself squirt, but noticed this is something I can’t control. Sometimes it just happens in combination with clitoral and anal stimulation, and then I’m surprised myself, but most of the time, nothing happens with a pure G-spot massage. Nevertheless, a few things can be helpful when learning the squirt technique.

Learn squirting

  1. Strengthen PC muscle and pelvic floor

The Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle), also called the pubic coccyx muscle, is the muscle that surrounds the female and also male sexual organs in the pelvic floor area. This muscle can be exercised when urinating by intentionally stopping urine flow. Generally, a good pelvic floor workout is worthwhile to connect with the female power and experience more intense orgasms. There are various exercises and Kegel toys for this purpose.

  1. Emptying the urethra

Emptying your bladder before having sex or masturbating is helpful because squirting is close to the feeling of urinating, and you are more relaxed on mental levels with the knowledge that your bladder is empty. This way, you can get involved with the feeling without interpreting too much into it.

  1. Experiment with fingers and suitable toys

Erotic performer Kali Sudhra has published an interesting video guide explaining how to achieve squirt orgasms using certain techniques with fingers and sex toys. I watched this video myself long ago and came to new insights. I find the finger technique not so easy to implement for myself, I seem to lack the necessary strength and the right angle, but with G-spot vibrators and other stimulation techniques, it works out now and then.

  1. Find the right position

The supine position is great with a partner who uses the right fingering technique to stimulate the G-spot, and possibly make you squirt. If you want to try it alone and without toys, I don’t recommend getting into this position because your wrists will be quickly overstrained, and the fingerwork is not powerful enough. Instead, sit up straight with one knee bent so that you can easily reach your G-spot and massage it for longer.

Squirt experience

If you’ve already experienced intense G-spot stimulation with a partner but couldn’t let go, I recommend approaching squirting alone. For this, treat yourself to an extensive solo session. Switch off everyday thoughts and make yourself comfortable. You may want to put a towel under you to focus on the experience fully. Use lubricant and massage your clit in circular motions before alternately sliding your index and middle fingers into your vagina. Your G-spot is 1 to 3 inches inside your vagina below the abdominal wall. The spot will feel more structured than the rest. Once you find this spot, stimulate it and observe what it does to you. Apply some pressure and experiment with your movements. Alternatively, you can use a G-spot vibrator and additionally spoil yourself with a clitoral vibrator. The important thing is to stay playful and find out what works best for you. As soon as you feel the need to urinate, hang on and move your finger or toy back and forth faster until you squirt.

I believe that once you’ve squirted, the blockage is released and happens much faster and more carefree. You may need to test it alone before letting go in front of a partner. Squirting is intense and brings incredible moments of pleasure. Still, you should also be able to embrace it, trust your partner and yourself, not be afraid of liquids and consider the experience as something special that doesn’t always happen, nor is it a must for the intimate encounter itself. It is not for nothing that squirting remains a mystery yet to be discovered.

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