Vulva First – The impact of morning orgasm

When you touch yourself regularly and connect with your vulva, you learn to express your needs, desires, and boundaries in relation to yourself and your partners.

By Anne Lomberg on June 16, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

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Vulva First – Die Auswirkungen von morgendlichen Orgasmen

I could list in this article all the positive side effects of why orgasms are good for you and your health; instead, I would rather share my personal experience and point out proven facts. I usually start my morning with an orgasm even before I drink a coffee and take care of other things. Therefore I stay in bed or treat myself to a bath with one of my favorite toys. I do this deliberately because I’ve noticed a bunch of positive changes, apart from the fact that this is the time when I haven’t arrived in reality yet and celebrate this half-dazed state.

Before your synapses even connect and you start thinking about what’s on the agenda, what deadlines you need to meet, or what tasks you need to do urgently, you dedicate yourself to your vulva, and thus an elementary part of the body that is just waiting to be lovingly greeted. Did you know that your clitoris alone has more than 10,000 nerve fibers? Quite remarkable compared to the hand, which contains just 18,000 nerve fibers. This little organ waits for its wake-up time every morning to get your body and mind going, and I think it deserves a consistent routine just as much as brushing your teeth, washing your hair, and applying mascara. Next to the clit, you should also regularly boost the blood flow of your vagina to maintain lubrication.

Think of it as a kind of morning yoga for your vulva and vagina, which, in dialogue with yourself (meditation) and training, will best equip you for the day and the years to come.

Morning Glory

Let’s stay with the demonstrable physical and psychological change in connection with my regular masturbation routine. I established this quite naturally a few years ago when I became more involved with my body and sex toys and continued to live it out consistently alongside my relationships. Because orgasm with a partner is not the same as a self-induced one, even if the phenomenon of the radiant afterglow is perceived the same for both. I consider it a healing element that brings me closer to my body and consciousness as a unity that radiates outward.

In the morning, after indulging in my intimate time with myself, my skin and spirit glow. I am wide awake and ready to tackle the day. My morning masturbation routine makes me feel healthy. I haven’t had a cold or felt bad in ages. And this is also proven; masturbation boosts your immune system. When you touch yourself regularly and connect with your vulva, you learn to express your needs, desires, and boundaries in relation to yourself and your partners. You will find it much easier to talk about sexual desires and communicate them openly without feeling uncomfortable because you will become aware that your vulva has a voice that wants to be heard.

Skin and pelvic floor boost

Other benefits of a consistent masturbation routine, besides all the inner truths like balance and increased receptivity, are fresh skin and a powerful pelvic floor. Yup, I am convinced that at least one orgasm every few days will boost your skin and make you look younger. You’ll see it right in the mirror. Do a self-test with a selfie on a morning without orgasm and on a morning after you climaxed. You will see it yourself. This effect lasts all day and, of course, with proper skin care, for years.

Orgasm also activates your pelvic floor muscles, giving you a better awareness of sexual sensations. The pelvic floor is often associated with preparation for childbirth, but a strong pelvic floor offers so much more in terms of understanding and expression of your sexuality; this allows you to control the muscles, for example, during sex with a partner who will feel the contractions, whereas you will be satisfied faster and climax more often.


I have already mentioned that masturbation has a healing effect. Do you suffer from anxiety, feel insecure and stressed? All these components are changed with a regular masturbation routine, and in the mornings, the timing couldn’t be more ideal because while your brain is still in flight mode, you don’t think; your mind is empty and doesn’t need to be emptied first—the perfect moment to get your body and mind going and wake up your desire.

My morning masturbation routine has proven to make me more confident. I know what I want, and when I want it, I can communicate my needs to a partner without feeling weird. I know how to come best and that sex toys are part of my sex life. I have become a master at relaxing and “taking myself out” because the relationship with myself is most important. I feel a strength in myself that comes with health and confidence. Sometimes I even achieve transcendental moments before and during orgasm that takes me beyond the tangible. In the morning, I greet my vulva as much as the rest of my body and say thank you for the feminine potency with which she graced me.

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