Dame Arc

Minimalist-designed G-spot and clitoral stimulator made of medical silicone with innovative ridges.

By Anne Lomberg on June 7, 2023 -
Updated on October 21, 2023

Also available in German
Dame Arc Review

Anyone who knows me knows I attach great importance to aesthetics and precision, reflected in my work as a photographer and in my lifestyle. So it’s even nicer that from now on, I’ll be testing and reviewing the most exclusive sex toy brands I’ve selected. Let’s start with Arc by Dame. Dame specializes in sexual wellness for women and couples to establish healthier relationships with their pleasure.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Arc

When Arc arrived at my house, I wasn’t surprised that the packaging received as much attention as the sex toy itself.I like the packaging design with all the little details that already explain the main functions. Dame Arc is advertised as a multipurpose vibrator that easily reaches the G-spot thanks to its curved design and is also suitable for clitoral stimulation.

If you open the package, you will find a box in the identical shade of the vibrator. The box is perfect for stylish storage if you have space and attach great importance to it. I prefer rather practical and narrow cases. Inside the box are a charging cable, a manageable instruction manual, a sticker, and a canvas pouch. This pouch is enough to store and transport the Arc, so I say goodbye to the box.

Design & Material

Now let’s get to the interesting part, the design and material processing. The first thing you notice when unpacking the Arc is the ultra-soft texture of medical-grade silicone. The feel makes you want more, so you would like to feel the Arc inside you immediately. However, you should be patient. If you think you can test the vibrator right out of the box, you are mistaken. Like most toys, you have to schedule a thorough charging session first before you can play. For me, the first charge took 8 hours.

The charging cable, which has to be mentioned at this point, is bombproof. I have not yet discovered a better variant regarding magnetic charging cables. The texture of the cable also promises long durability with a cord-like structure. Classically in white, it fits authentically into the overall design.

Well, let’s stay with the design for now. Overall, I rate the Arc as very good regarding the premium silicone texture. However, I’m not too fond of the ABS application with charging points, as I prefer an all-around silicone finish. If I were to improve anything, I would choose the Arc to be completely wrapped in silicone; visually, it would be a masterpiece of design execution. The Berry color scheme is classy and feminine at the same time without being too intrusive.


Arc is comfortable to hold and light weighted, so you can already imagine using it to reach your pleasure points easily, clitorally as well as vaginally, and experiment effortlessly. Dame advertises the G-spot stimulation head as squishy compared to the body. I can’t entirely agree. The head feels almost as sturdy to me as the rest of the body; however, the two ridges give a bit and could be described as squishy with a lot of imagination. I’ve read in some reviews that the way the ridges are guided reminds of a beak or a helmet. I recognize only one thing there: a beautifully shaped glans. But more on that later in the review.

The curvature of the body, the so-called arch, has been designed narrower than the head and the base with the controls so that a well-contoured and flowing design makes the overall arrangement appear feminine and noble.

The two elements on the control panel are stamped, with the upper button for intensity adjustment raised. I particularly like this because it does not detract from the design; on the contrary, it appears perfect down to the smallest detail.

Self-Pleasure Test

I charged Arc overnight and was looking forward to using it right away the next morning. For this, I took the vibrator with me in the tub because Arc is waterproof. Nothing is better than starting the morning with a hot bath and an orgasm. That’s my philosophy! For the test, I used water-based lube (yes, even in the bathtub) because I need extra lubrication due to the shape of the head, and I would generally recommend that to anyone. In general, I have to say that I am more of a fan of clitoral stimulators and only use vaginal sex toys in combination with a partner. But since the Arc is a specially designed G-spot vibrator, of course, I didn’t want to miss out.

By pressing the on/off button at the bottom of the base for a little longer, Arc turns on and vibrates at the lowest level. It offers a total of 5 vibration patterns and 5 intensity levels. These are intuitive to operate. I prefer steady and powerful vibrations, so I opted for the first selection of the pattern and the fifth of intensity; there Arc also has decent power without being loud. A feature that I find particularly important, there is nothing worse than audible vibrations that immediately kill my mood. Arc is quiet but still powerful. I used it clitorally first to tune into the feeling and prepare for vaginal insertion. And indeed, the ridges make a difference and bring multi-faceted sensations with different handling and angle settings. Again, I would like to mention that the Arc’s texture is breathtakingly soft and feels wonderful on the skin and in the most intimate places. Because I love to observe so much, the head in glans-design has not escaped me. You realize this at the latest when you slide it up and down between your labia, reminiscent of Pussy Sliding. In my case it led to having thousands of fantasies in my head, especially of ex-lovers.

Hungry for more, I carefully inserted the Arc and found it a bit uncomfortable at first, even with lube, because the head, although beautifully designed, is also angular. Once inserted, I found it very arousing after all. You don’t have to go that deep and can easily move the head in all directions to stimulate the G-spot. However, since I never come to orgasm with pure G-spot stimulation and always need a clitoral massage, I did not get my hopes up with Arc but was open and curious. Alternately, I let the vibrator slide in and out, varying a bit with the vibrations. Although I always returned to my favorite settings and changed the angles during insertion and clitoral stimulation. There Arc leaves an incredible amount of room to maneuver and virtually dance in the palms of your hands to your own chosen rhythm; 100 points for the well-designed shape that makes it easy to use. Through all the back and forth, the visually exciting component, and the powerful vibrations, my orgasm finally built.

I like to take my time, experiment, and get involved with different sensations, even if nothing happens for a long time. For me, the tub is the ideal place to turn on the mental cinema and submerge myself in the comfort of the lulling warmth.

The vaginal orgasm failed, even on the second and third try, but clitorally the Arc is still convincing. For this reason, I confirm the brand statement and feature as a multipurpose vibrator. And there’s something else I couldn’t get out of my mind while masturbating with Arc: playing together with a partner in combination with other toys or penetration. Thanks to the grip and handling, there is a lot of potential and possibilities for discovery.

Technical details

Vibrations5 vibration patterns & 5 intensity settings
Button lockYes
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter head1.4 inches
RechargeableMagnetic charging cable
Warranty3 years
Battery lifeUp to 2 hours

Final thoughts

Arc by Dame convinced me in my Self-Pleasure test, firstly by the exclusive and aesthetically pleasing design and the high-quality material processing made of super soft premium silicone, and secondly by the manageable but powerful functions.

If there were something I would change from my photographic point of view, it would be the ABS application with the silver charging points, which does distract me somewhat from the otherwise well-considered design character. Otherwise, I can highly recommend the Arc for beginners, those who like to experiment, and couples. Even if you’re not convinced about G-spot stimulators, it’s worth self-testing with the certainty that it definitely works clitorally. Every body is different, and if you are one of those who easily reach orgasm through G-spot stimulators, be sure to try the Arc. 

If you want to buy Arc from Dame, click here.

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