Dame Eva

Hands-free vibrator made of medical silicone with flexible wings for couple or solo sessions.

By Anne Lomberg on July 3, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

Also available in German
Dame Eva Review

Eva is my second test product from Dame. I was particularly curious about its innovative design that rests between the labia, offering more stimulation options, whether with other toys or penetration. Dame specializes in sexual wellness for women and couples to establish healthier relationships with their pleasure.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Eva

Eva comes just like Arc in a beautifully designed box where you can read already the most important facts. Dame advertises Eva as a hands-free couple vibrator that can also be used alone. By placing it under the labia, it is supposed to stay in place, so you can fully concentrate on your pleasure.

The box includes a handy charging station that doubles as a storage box, a USB charging cable, a storage pouch, a Dame sticker, and an instruction manual. Those who like boxes and have the space for stacking their sex toy collection will be happy; for me, the contents are enough, so I throw the box away even though it is very nice.

I particularly like the charging station, which is kept compact to store and take Eva with you. The container is so small that it fits into your purse, so you could also do without the storage pouch and use the charging station to store and carry Eva around. Since Eva, like all other sex toys, needs to be charged first, I take care of that. A full first charge took two hours, a foreseeable time to build anticipation. Generally, though, you should allow four hours, according to the instructions. My Eva vibrator was probably already half-charged when it arrived at my place.

Design & Material

In terms of design, I found Eva appealing from the start and couldn’t wait to hold the vibrator in my hands. The concept looks like a conical egg with arms. On the back is the motor, which stands out from the design but doesn’t negatively affect it.

Like Arc, Eva has been made of 100% medical silicone; but this time all around, for which I award plus points. I love it when a sex toy is made entirely of silicone. It simply makes it seem more valuable and is also easier to clean. The texture feels pleasantly soft, with the body being firm. The arms are bendable, so you get an idea of how they can be placed between the labia. There is a button on the top to turn it on and off and switch between vibration levels. There are 3 settings, by the way, from light to strong.

I received Eva in light blue (Ice), a color I like, although I find orange (Papaya) even more interesting. The design and material processing of the cute clitoral vibrator are well done; there is really nothing to complain about. Eva was excellently processed from an all-around body-friendly silicone coating, looks aesthetically pleasing, and promises operational success with flexible wings resp. arms. More on that later in the Self-Pleasure test.


Eva is smaller than the palm of my hand and lightweight. The vibrator should also be light to hold freehand between the labia without slipping out. The toy’s body is conical, with the narrower part placed at the clitoris. Since every woman’s anatomy is different, Eva can be turned around if needed. The arms are flexible but provide appropriate resistance with a little counter-pressure so you get a safe feeling; I particularly like them because they offer scope for various applications, so you could also use Eva as a finger vibrator for sensual massages or pinpoint teasing, for example.

The overall arrangement is minimalistic and feminine at the same time. I could imagine Eva being easy to introduce into a couple’s relationship, as the design is unobtrusive and makes you eager to try it out. It looks stimulating and aesthetically sophisticated at the same time.

As I mentioned, the integrated control element is located at the top of the body, which is barely visible and thus further enhances the overall design. By the way, Eva is completely waterproof, for which I always award plus points, and try the vibrator in my first Self-Pleasure test in the tub.

Self-Pleasure Test

Eva comes with an instruction manual, but I didn’t need it in this case. The whole device works super intuitively once you get into it a bit. Even placing the arms between the labia was a breeze, at least for me, not to mention adjusting the 3 intensity settings.

Lying in the tub, I played around a bit with the vibration settings and found them to be not only powerful but also quite loud, especially on the 3rd level; this is something to be aware of if you want a discreet vibrator to use with a partner. In volume, Eva is not discreet!

Well but I noticed during my first self-pleasure test in the tub that the vibrator stayed in place; it did slide down a bit, but that didn’t detract from the feeling. Overall though, it was a little too boring for me as I prefer some movement rather than just feeling the vibrations on one spot. I quickly got the feeling that this toy should be used differently and finished the test without orgasm.

After I was convinced to test Eva with a partner, and no one was available, I decided to try Eva in combination with other toys. For this, I went to bed and placed a mirror in front of my vulva to see everything and readjust if necessary in case Eva slipped. In general, I recommend incorporating a mirror now and then when masturbating; this allows you to playfully explore your hotspots and visually take your pleasure to a whole new level. Also, I believe this helps you connect more strongly with your vulva, building an intimate relationship that leads to greater awareness. I also set aside some lube and a second vibrator. Since I read that Eva is better used only with a little lube, as it can fall out, I left it alone and used it only for the other vibrator.

Lying on my back with my legs spread wide and the mirror in front of me, I was able to see what it would look like for a partner to penetrate me while enjoying the view of Eva. The vibrator at least fits my contours perfectly, though this time, it slipped more than in the tub, and I had to keep helping to get it back into position. Either my labia are not wide enough, or I have not yet found the perfect position where the mini vibrator holds bombproof. However, if you persist in a place, it works. Interesting, though, because I imagine such a couple play rather complicated when Eva constantly plops out.

While lying there watching myself, I got into high gear quickly. I liked watching Eva vibrate between my labia while I stimulated myself in parallel with the other vibrator. Even though the vibrations were really loud, I opted for the strongest level and kept sliding the other vibrator in and out on the lowest level until, surprisingly, I ejaculated; this had never happened to me before. While enjoying the view as well as the stimulation on both sides, I squirted just like that. The bed sheet was wet, and I was baffled. For me, however, no reason to stop because the actual orgasm feeling has not yet occurred. So I continued. Eva had to be repositioned every now and then, which complicated the game a bit. It does not necessarily bother me because I have time and like to take it, but in fact, I could imagine this toy in interaction with a partner only with difficulty, especially if we talk about position changes. I just lay on my back, and Eva slipped out repeatedly. But the spontaneous squirting surprised me positively, I must say, and I was even more turned on afterward so that I climaxed relatively quickly; this was intense and built up from deep within me. Watching this is incredibly erotic. Be sure to give it a try!

Since Dame Eva advertises as a couples vibrator but simultaneously as optional, there is much room for interpretation. In my experience, I would rather use Eva alone, but would still like to try the toy with a partner at some point to share my opinion based on facts. Overall, I found my second self-pleasure test with the mirror and additional vibrator more than satisfying, and I would try Eva again with more toys and experiment further. Squirting I have tested myself with various tutorials and different finger techniques and never got it right; that it happened with Eva and in combination with a vaginal vibrator out of the blue was amazing, and I want to find out if there is more to it.

Technical details

Vibrations3 intensity settings
Button lockYes
Dimensions60 x 43 x 28 mm
RechargeableCharging station
Warranty3 years
Charging time4 hours
Battery life1 hour

Final thoughts

Overall, I rate Eva by Dame very well, at least as far as my experience in combination with another vibrator is concerned. Eva in the tub was too boring for me because the vibrations were concentrated only on one point, and they were not strong enough for that without counter-pressure. On the other hand, I once wore the vibrator in my panties while sitting at my laptop and got hot pretty quickly. So as a panty vibrator, Eva is quite suitable.

Although I haven’t tried Eva with a partner, I don’t think it works for me; too quickly, Eva slips and pops out of my labia. The idea of using it as a hands-free vibrator, allowing you to focus on other things you can do with your hands in parallel, is great, but the implementation doesn’t quite work. I also find the vibration volume on level 3 too loud to make the experience pleasurable.

The Squirting Experience convinced me, and I want to try more with Eva. I see incredible potential in the small vibrator’s application possibilities. Even if it can not fulfill the actual purpose as a hands-free couple vibrator due to my anatomy, you can still use it for erotic foreplay, as a finger vibrator, enhancing the joint love play. One thing is for sure, Eva has a high-quality finish and innovative design and deserves a self-test to see for yourself.

If you want to buy the Eva from Dame, click here.

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