Fun Factory LAYA III

Lay-on vibrator for comprehensive clitoral stimulation with layering-effect.

By Anne Lomberg on September 19, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

Also available in German
Fun Factory LAYA III Review

Fun Factory creates sustainable premium sex toys from body-friendly materials for over 25 years. The brand (made in Germany) is known for its colorful designs representing a playful and liberated approach to sexuality, regardless of gender, sex, or partner choice.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing LAYA III

LAYA III is my third test product from Fun Factory. It’s a new edition of the best-selling LAYA II, a vibrating and tapping lay-on vibrator that anatomically adapts to the erogenous zones, not only the vulva but also the breast and male testicles. Like my other two test products, MEA and VIM, LAYA III comes in beautifully designed packaging with all the important information already on it, inspiring play ideas, and a ‘Flirt or Dare’ game for couples. The package includes LAYA III, a USB charging cable, and a simple instruction manual. You can order the lay-on vibrator in Soft Violet or Sage Green. I decided on the green version, and I like it very much.

On closer inspection, I must once again praise the high quality of craftmanship. LAYA III has been perfectly designed and makes an extremely valuable impression. The silicone also smells neutral, feels pleasant, and provides multi-faceted sensations with its grooved structure, which I will go into in more detail later in my Self-Pleasure Test. The shimmering metallic ABS control panel contains the typical 3 buttons with FUN and plus and minus controls. You’ll also find two delicate charging poles for charging the lay-on vibrator with a magnetic USB cable. This time, the design of the control panel looks much better than in my previous test products from Fun Factory. It fits aesthetically into the overall arrangement and is very appealing. However, again, I have problems pressing the buttons, which I noticed with MEA as well, and can already tell that it will get complicated in the Self-Pleasure test.

The instruction manual was kept very brief, with a foldable booklet in English. Before starting your adventure with LAYA III, clean the vibrator with mild soap or a suitable toy cleaner. Afterward, you can immediately test a first session to get your own impression of the LAYA III. Fun Factory recommends a charging time of 3 hours for the first charge and 6.5 hours for all future charges. I would have liked a storage bag to carry LAYA III discreetly because the small size makes this toy perfect for traveling, but it’s not included.

Design & Material

With a size of 4.3 inches and a weight of only 98 grams, LAYA III offers optimal handling, further enhanced by its ergonomic design. What I find difficult, however, is the operation, which I can only perform with two hands in my dry test. Especially the plus and minus buttons are difficult to press. In return, I award plus points for the overall concept and design. LAYA III has a very aesthetic and high-quality design with a matching color scheme on the control panel and an exciting grooved structure. By the way, the silicone is firm, and the contact surface is quite broad so that a large area of the vulva can be stimulated. Fun Factory advertises LAYA III as an external vibrator, but in my experience, it can also be inserted vaginally, allowing for even more play variations. Because of its curved design, this toy can be used in various ways, whether as a stimulating full-body massager during foreplay, on the breast, or the clit. During my research, I also discovered that LAYA III can stimulate breast milk in case of lactation. In couple-constellations, the size makes a difference; this is where I see the potential of extra stimulation combined with penetration or as a blowjob upgrade, as Fun Factory puts it. 🙂

Regarding quality, with LAYA III, you get a top-quality product designed down to the smallest detail. The vibrator is made of body-friendly silicone with an ABS control panel and two metal charging poles for the USB cable. By the way, I’m not too fond of the cable compared to the product itself. In red, it pops out of the overall concept and looks more playful than elegant, apart from the fact that although it holds during charging, it still wobbles back and forth. LAYA III is completely waterproof, so cleaning is effortless, and the vibrator can also be taken in the shower or tub. When using lube, make sure it is water-based so as not to damage the high-quality texture.


Ah yes, Fun Factory and its generous selection of programs. As you know, I enjoy manageable and simple settings, but LAYA III comes with a whopping 7 speeds and 3 vibration programs. But compared to my test with MEA, these can be operated intuitively and also understood. In principle, the device starts on the third setting with a steady vibration speed, which then builds up with the plus button to the last 3 programs to bring more variety into play. What I noticed immediately during my dry test in the hand is that the vibrations have lots of power and go deep. The lay-on vibrator is also not necessarily quiet, which is something to keep in mind if you want a discreet product. In addition, the LAYA III’s features include a button lock for carrying along when traveling and a memory function to find your favorite setting again quickly.

What makes LAYA III special is its vibration and tapping function, which is designed to awaken several nerve endings at once to create a layering effect. This means the tapping activates additional sensations besides the vibrations, promising a deep and long-lasting orgasm. I only noticed the tapping on the lower settings and with the 3 vibration programs. Overall, the selection is nevertheless too extensive for my taste, although it has to be said that they were individually designed for this purpose.

Self-Pleasure Test

For my self-pleasure test, I used LAYA III without any other toys because I really wanted to explore the feeling of the layering effect with vibration and tapping stimulation. I must admit, this is what appealed to me the most when researching this product. For this, I used some water-based lube to feel LAYA III gently on my clit and labia first. The grooved texture on the surface feels great, so I wandered all the way to my inner thighs with the motions before I even turned on the vibrations. I started the toy, which was effortless with the FUN button, and then wanted to switch from the initial 3rd setting to test the stronger programs; this turned out to be very difficult, as I had already suspected because you simply can’t get the plus and minus buttons pressed down, at least in the angle setting as it is actually intended. I would really like to see a better solution, dear Fun Factory team so that the experience is not negatively affected. After perfecting my operation with the second hand, I chose through the many settings and was pleasantly surprised by the lower levels, which are not as strong but make the tapping sensation interesting, as well as the last setting of the three; I’ll call them discontinuous programs. This previous setting mimics the feeling of edging for me, the steady vibrating and tapping slowly builds up to the highest point where it goes off properly and then drops down again to start all over.

For a long time, I let the two different settings (the 3rd program and the second speed) spoil me alternately in two separate tests, and with both settings, I ended up orgasming. What surprised me was the tapping sensation, which elicits new feelings and stimulates the entire vulva. Because the head is so wide, it covers a large area, and you can stay playful. I also like the firmness of the head, which allows you to build up a lot of pressure. Now comes something Fun Factory might have expected but didn’t mention in their product description since LAYA III is a lay-on vibrator. BUT!!! You can insert the handle vaginally and position the vibrating part perfectly on your labia and clit. I found this option extremely stimulating and was totally won over by the toy’s design, which simultaneously penetrates the vaginal entrance while sending vibrations to the clit.

The edging sensation on my second test was frustrating and pleasurable at the same time, as optimal edging should be. I alternated between good and bad, between rage and bliss, and after many times of LAYA III dropping off with the vibrations and cranking back up properly, I experienced an insane full-body orgasm. I also imagine the vibrator being great in a couple’s constellation to play as you please. Be it during foreplay, because I want to try out the blowjob upgrade, or during penetration itself. LAYA III is wonderful to hold and lies smoothly in the hand. It’s best to choose a setting beforehand and then stick with it.

Because of the waterproof texture, I would also like to test this product in the tub. As for cleaning, LAYA III is super uncomplicated. I used warm water and mild soap and dried the vibrator afterward.

Technical details  

Vibrations7 speeds and 3 programs
Length 4.3 inches
Weight98 g
RechargeableMagnetic USB charging cable
Button lockYes
Battery life40-120 minutes
Charging time6-7 hours

Final thoughts

My conclusion for LAYA III is positive. This tool guarantees varied orgasms and application possibilities. Although I find the selection of settings too much, there are several that I like. That’s because they are totally different and, for that reason, also feel quite different; not to mention the tapping stimulation, which elicits novel sensations. I deduct points for the buttons that are difficult to use and the sound level.

I would recommend this toy to anyone who wants to benefit from light to very powerful vibrations and tapping stimulation, beginners as well as professionals, couples, and mothers. As an external sex toy, LAYA III offers an incredible range of uses and can even be inserted vaginally. The device has a high-quality finish, can be taken anywhere due to its size, and is functionally convincing. Furthermore, it looks aesthetically pleasing for easy integration into couple-constellations, from which both will benefit in the end.

If you want to buy LAYA III by Fun Factory, you can do so directly at Fun Factory.

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