Fun Factory MEA

Premium suction toy with innovative features and stylish charging station.

By Anne Lomberg on September 13, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

Also available in German
Fun Factory MEA Review

Fun Factory creates sustainable premium sex toys from body-friendly materials for over 25 years. The brand (made in Germany) is known for its colorful designs representing a playful and liberated approach to sexuality, regardless of gender, sex, or partner choice.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing MEA

Today, I’m writing my review about the MEA by Fun Factory, which I’ve tested a few times and was pleasantly surprised by its simple aesthetics. Normally, the brand creates mainly colorful designs; MEA, however, is kept elegant and minimalistic. The first thing you notice when unboxing the pressure wave stimulator is the high-quality nature of the packaging, with matching color scheme and lovely details. I chose Powder Rose, but you can alternatively order MEA in Velvet Green. On the outside of the packaging, you’ll find all the important information about the functions, which I’ll discuss later. In addition, the scope of delivery is listed with the MEA pressure wave stimulator, a charging station, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. Like VIM, Fun Factory emphasizes recyclable packaging and local materials with MEA. Of course, the cute cross-play on the inside of the cover is also not to be missed, with which you and your partner will receive erotic inspiration about the MEA’S application possibilities.

Inside the solid box is a very nice storage case, which also serves as a charging station, with a discreet Fun Factory logo. If you open the case, MEA presents itself in its full glory. What I particularly like about the toy is the subtle color scheme as well as the very aesthetic way it is made. MEA is also quite small and handy compared to other pressure wave stimulators.

However, the 3 typical Fun Factory buttons seem too big for my taste and stand out from the overall design. At the bottom of the box is the charging cable with a very nice leather strap to keep it compact as well as the instruction manual; just as much effort has been put into the design of the instruction manual as the rest of the packaging with high-quality photographs and piece-by-piece instructions.

MEA can be tested immediately after a gentle cleaning before a 4-hour charging time is recommended. I’m awarding plus points for that, of course. When cleaning, however, be sure to use unscented soap or a suitable toy cleaner. Please do not submerge the pressure wave stimulator underwater, as it is only splash-proof and should also be completely dry before you put it back in the charging station.

Design & Material

Let’s start with MEA’s material processing. When unpacking, I could already tell that this toy was processed in a high quality. The silicone on the main body feels pleasantly soft and has a neutral scent; this is always a good sign. When a silicone toy smells intense, you should check the material specifications again more closely. ABS was used on the side of the control panel, as well as two metallic charging poles. The opening for positioning on the clit also includes a discreet ABS coating inside. You can see the membrane when you turn on MEA and watch how the pressure waves work. The membrane is very delicate and should not come into contact with any objects or fingers. Overall, you can recognize excellent quality work here, consisting of body-friendly, hypoallergenic, and non-porous materials. The USB Toycase is solid and ideal for discreet storage and carrying. By the way, Fun Factory manufactures their toys in their own factory in Bremen on the Weser River.

Design-wise, the concept of the MEA is very apt. On the one hand, I like the noble storage box resp. charging station with lamellar structure on the top, and on the other hand, the toy itself is aesthetic. It is probably the smallest pressure wave stimulator I have ever seen, which fits comfortably in the hand and feels velvety soft.

I had already mentioned that the control panel bothers me a bit, as it, unfortunately, lowers the overall concept. In return, the 3 buttons are raised and allow intuitive operation, although the plus and minus buttons are placed in a trough and thus a bit more difficult to operate; more on this later in the self-pleasure test. The round opening for clitoral stimulation is supposed to suit every clit, regardless of size and shape; at least, that’s how Fun Factory advertises the pressure wave stimulator. I, too, have the impression that the opening has been designed wide enough, and the delicate texture is likely to provide a sensual sensation, even outside the clit. If you want a discreet pressure wave stimulator, I recommend MEA because of its minimalist design and small size, it fits in any handbag, even with a hard case.


MEA is an external toy, meaning it is used exclusively for external stimulation, in this case, stimulation of the clit. The special feature of this pressure wave stimulator is its patented Magnetic Wave Technology, which allows a silent application. With a vacuum, your clit will be extensively indulged, and when I say extensively, I mean especially the countless functions that MEA has to offer. With a total of 5 intensity levels and 3 different programs, you’re spoiled for choice. Honestly, this selection initially overwhelmed me, as I am simply a fan of manageable features, and MEA offers an Intense Orgasm, an Edging, and a Deep Orgasm program in addition to 5 speeds. Not to mention the two other settings with Boost Button and Cool Down Button. So you can quickly lose track, especially if you just want to have fun and don’t want to think about which program you have just set to find this again sometime.

But watch out! There is a memory function that allows you to save your favorite setting and find it right away during your next session. The manual explains everything in great detail. Like VIM, MEA has a button lock that you activate with the FUN and minus button and deactivate with the FUN and plus button.

What I noticed right away when dry testing is that MEA is very quiet compared to other pressure wave stimulators I have already tested; only on the Boost Setting it gets a bit louder, but this is also the most powerful setting. I have a little trouble pressing the buttons; either it’s my fingernails, or I haven’t found the right technique yet. The trough in which the keys are embedded doesn’t make it any better; quite the opposite. Maybe they could come up with a better solution for the next model.

Self-Pleasure Test

Let’s get to the exciting part and my self-pleasure test with MEA. I tried the pressure wave stimulator directly without charging for the first test and used a water-based lube; this is a must with pressure wave stimulators. Once the device is turned on, you start in the third program, and then you can switch either up or back down to change the power. As I thought, and this was confirmed in the test, the handling and operation are not easy. MEA fits perfectly in the palm of your hand but is difficult to configure with one hand. The idea is that you spread the labia with one hand and then press the suction head to the clit with the other and select the programs. The anatomically advanced design allows you to hold MEA in a relaxed manner, even for longer sessions. Still, I eventually lost track of the settings and just hit the Boost Button to give myself a quick and intense orgasm.

I was a bit more specific on the second test and wanted to try out the 3 special features of Intense Orgasm, Edging, and Deep Orgasm. Even there, I didn’t know what I had chosen since it was just hard to concentrate on pressing the buttons in the game. However, there was one program that I ended up getting stuck on that felt like cunnilingus. That feeling was intoxicating and totally real. You can also enjoy it for a long time and reach for other toys, which is what I did, and instead of focusing on the settings, I preferred adding some vaginal stimulation with a dildo. In my head arose the fantasy of a lover licking me while inserting two fingers repeatedly. Delightful, well, that convinced me, so I experienced a deep and highly satisfying orgasm.

By the way, the suction head rests perfectly on my clit, and you can also play with the movements to stimulate the area around the labia. The sucking sound gives the extra kick, as it is implied with wet cunnilingus or even squirting. So far, I’ve tried MEA several times in different constellations with additional toys, but always without a partner. Pressure wave stimulators are not necessarily suitable for me as classic couple toys, even though you can definitely use them for that, of course, but since the programs get quite strong and I often caught myself withdrawing because it got too intense, I would rather control that feeling myself so that it doesn’t come to an overstimulation of the clit.

The subsequent cleaning is quite effortless; I used a little water and mild soap and ensured no water entered the suction channel. This can be wiped out gently with a damp cloth.

Technical details  

Vibrations5 intensity levels and 3 programs
Water-resistantYes (but not 100% waterproof)
MaterialPremium Silicone, ABS
Size suction headØ 1,4 cm
RechargeableUSB charging station
Button lockYes
Battery life1.5-2 hours
Charging time4 hours

Final thoughts

Not being too big a fan of pressure wave stimulators in general, MEA still won me over the most out of all the ones I’ve already tested, even if I give point deductions for the too many features. For me, 3 intensities and a Deep Orgasm program would have been enough, but that’s just my personal opinion. In addition, the buttons are not easy to configure in the moment of pleasure, especially with one hand. I think the concept, particularly the design is great because MEA has a comfortable size that fits your hand and especially your clit perfectly. The color and overall design are also impressive. It looks high-quality and luxurious. I won’t mention the control panel again at this point. 😉

I was most impressed by the Boost function and the Deep Orgasm setting, where I reliably get spectacular climaxes. The other programs I find either too weak or too unsteady. However, if you’re looking for varied programs and want to be free to choose whether you want to come to quick orgasms or prefer to be spoiled extensively, then you should try MEA. You can use it alone, with a partner, or with other toys.

‘Mindblowing,’ and I would like to add this in conclusion, is the cunnilingus experience that completely imitates the real thing, putting everything else in the background. My thoughts drift off into the wildest fantasies and leave me speechless: the most modern technology that inspires! AWESOME!!!

MEA has been processed in high quality, is very discreet by size and packaging and quiet in use. The price is in the premium range compared to other sex toys, but you also receive a premium device.

If you want to buy MEA by Fun Factory, you can do so directly at Fun Factory.

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