Fun Factory VIM

Rechargeable wall massager with a wavy textured surface and flexible neck.

By Anne Lomberg on September 5, 2023 -
Updated on November 9, 2023

Also available in German
Fun Factory VIM Review

Fun Factory creates sustainable premium sex toys from body-friendly materials for over 25 years. The brand (made in Germany) is known for its colorful designs representing a playful and liberated approach to sexuality, regardless of gender, sex, or partner choice.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing VIM

With VIM, I received my first massager ever, and I was very happy when Fun Factory offered it to me for testing. VIM is available in two colors: Sunrise Orange and Midnight Blue. For my review, I wanted VIM in orange because, of course, I’m thinking about the product photos at the same time and which color works better, at least in B&W. Bright color options make a difference. But since Fun Factory is a very young and modern brand, I didn’t want to miss out on color photos this time.

The massager was delivered in a matching, very nicely designed box, which is neither bulky nor overloaded and where you can directly recognize the attention to detail. On the outside of the package, you can find the most important functions of the VIM, a few details about the manufacturer with the address, as well as the scope of delivery. On the inside of the package are a few inspirations on how to use VIM with your partner: a funny cross-play with seductive ideas to imitate. Overall, the packaging is well-made and looks modern and exquisite. Fun Factory, by the way, attaches importance to recyclable packaging and local materials.

When unboxing, the first thing that caught my eye was the bright color of the massager. Wow, the orange is intense and sets a statement. VIM looks like a stylish retro microphone with an aesthetic wave structure and a control element with 3 buttons.

The packaging also includes a charging cable and a detailed user manual. At this point, I’d like to mention that VIM is ready to use right out of the box with a 4-hour playtime. That’s great since you usually have to allow for extensive charging time before you can even try the toy. But remember to clean it gently. I never mentioned this in my previous reviews, but of course, I always wash my toys first before testing them! Fun Factory recommends their in-house cleaner or a damp cloth for this. VIM is water resistant but should not be completely submerged in water.

Design & Material

Fun Factory’s trademark includes colorful designs and impeccable product quality made from body-friendly materials. Here, the craftsmanship made in Germany definitely pays off because VIM is a convincing example of mature quality work. It has been manufactured from 100% hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone, as well as ABS plastic applications. This material processing proves to be particularly easy to clean and long-lasting.

When unpacking and closely inspecting my VIM, I was pleasantly surprised. The toy has been perfectly processed. There are no flaws in the texture or scratches on the control element. It is also lighter than expected for the 12.3-inch size. VIM weighs only 440 grams in total. However, you should be aware that a massager is always bigger and bulkier than other sex toys. Those who know me already know that I value minimalist designs, which means that the control element already bothers me a bit from an aesthetic point of view, but that’s just my personal opinion. The 3 buttons, including a FUN button and a plus and minus button, stand out from the overall concept and look more playful than elegant, but that is part of the brand’s concept. Otherwise, I like the subtle wave structure on the head and the alternating structure on the handle. I could imagine, however, that cleaning takes a little more time. The ports for the magnetic charging cable are on the bottom of the handle. The cable holds bombproof and has been processed just as high quality. VIM has a flexible neck for more comfort in different positions, which I will go into more detail later in my Self-Pleasure test. What I can definitely say is that the VIM’s grip fits wonderfully in the hand and promises pleasant operation. The greater weight lies in the head, where all the power is.

VIM has been excellently manufactured and attracts all eyes. It is difficult to store this toy discreetly in bright orange, especially since there is no storage bag. Even though I value subtle colors and designs, VIM could still convince me visually. Orange belongs to the classic retro colors, which always goes hand in hand with lustful and cheerful feelings. If you prefer something more discreet, you can order VIM in Midnight Blue.

Shape & Function

As mentioned earlier, VIM looks more like a stylish microphone than a sex toy but stays true to the typical massager design. Fun Factory promotes it as an external massager for versatile applications. This includes powerful body massages, clitoral and labial massages, stimulation of the perineum and glans, and simultaneous stimulation through powerful vibrations during couple play. Water-based lubricant is recommended for use, or mild oil for body massages. The head of the VIM is firm but can be flexibly moved and finely adjusted by the flexible neck.

In addition to the versatile application possibilities, I would like to mention the VIM’s total of 8 vibration programs, divided into 5 intensity levels and 3 programs. There is also a button lock, which you activate with the FUN and minus button and deactivate again with the FUN and plus button. 8 vibration programs are a very generous selection, as I’m usually a fan of fewer settings and steady vibrations. Often, too many programs overwhelm me, especially if they are challenging to configure. However, VIM seems manageable with its 3 buttons and promises easy operation. What I can reveal right now is that after testing it in the palm of my hand, the vibrations are incredibly powerful and rumbling. I don’t think I’ve felt a comparable intensity of vibrations before, and I’m very curious to see if my most sensitive areas can handle it.

Self-Pleasure Test

After reading the instructions properly, I decided to try VIM immediately and charge it later. Since I always wanted to test a massager, I was just too curious. In the instructions, you will find interesting application possibilities that I wanted to imitate directly, especially kneeling with VIM on a pillow. Hands-free stimulation provides an extra thrill so that fantasies run wild. For this, I positioned VIM on a pillow, knelt over it, and applied some lube to my labia and clit. Since I already knew the power of the vibrations, I started slowly with the first setting and then got stuck pretty quickly on the fifth and strongest. Riding the massager felt incredibly good. The head is so big that it perfectly massages the inner and outer labia. However, I couldn’t imagine getting anywhere near my clit. I liked the rhythmic and hands-free movement of my hips so that my thoughts drifted off involuntarily, and I got the feeling of having a penis in the game. Because the neck is so flexible, you can play with the pressure, which gets you into high gear. I could even sit on VIM and feel all its power, then kneel again when it became too intense. The vibrations focused completely on my vaginal entrance and around it, giving me a juicy orgasm. The vibrations went intensely deep, and the hands-free pleasure was a real game-changer, so I felt completely liberated and collapsed on the pillow, exhausted afterward.

On my second test, which I actually incorporated into my evening routine, is massaging my body with oil before continuing on the journey between my thighs. This time, I also tested the 3 other programs, divided into Deep Orgasm, Intense Orgasm, and Edging. My favorite is Deep Orgasm; here, the vibrations build up slowly at different speeds to the highest level. The configuration also proved to be simple. The plus button controls everything, and if you want to switch to the previous program, you press the minus button, which is totally intuitive. Not to despise the body massage, which puts you in the mood and feels extremely good. The long handle offers scope to massage yourself with proper pressure and release tension. VIM also showed its full potential in the second, third, and fourth tests; you can experiment with the positions and integrate additional toys. This massager is versatile, and I don’t even want to think about what great pleasure moments it gives in a couple-constellation.

The orgasms also feel different every time. I have to say that I haven’t used VIM for clitoral stimulation yet, because it just convinces me deeper between my labia and at the vaginal entrance and always gives me incomparable novel sensations. Afterward, the body vibrates properly, which is certainly related to the rumbling vibrations. When cleaning, you have to be a little more precise and make sure to clean the numerous grooves properly. With a toy cleaner and cloth, however, it goes quite smoothly.

Technical details  

Vibrations5 intensity levels and 3 programs
Water-resistantYes (but not 100% waterproof)
Length12.3 inches
Weight440 g
Button lockYes
Battery life1-6 hours
Charging time4.5 hours on the first charge

Final thoughts

VIM has become a favorite tool to unwind and spoil myself after a busy day. It starts with a generous massage, which I couldn’t do on that level on my own before, and ends with a magnificent happy ending. Even if it is not visually one of my favorite sex toys, it convinced me functionally; this is partly due to the variable application options, which also allow hands-free stimulation, the powerful and deep vibrations, and the easy handling. All those who read my reviews regularly know that I am not a fan of numerous programs, yet Fun Factory has come up with something that everyone can benefit from and convinces with a high-quality, well-designed concept.

Those who, like me, have always wanted to enjoy the pleasure of a massager should try VIM. The toy is super handy and lightweight. It’s also rechargeable, a huge advantage to other models’ otherwise annoying cables. Fun Factory knows how to bring high-quality products to the market that may be more expensive than other sex toy brands but deliver real quality in return. Especially when it comes to the intimate experience with yourself, you really shouldn’t pay attention to the price but rather value high-quality materials and function. I recommend VIM to anyone who wants a versatile toy to try out and enjoy without restraint. VIM is suitable for erotic solo as well as couple sessions, for men as well as women, and offers an enormous amount of range for lustful experimentation.

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