Maude Spot

Ergonomically designed G-spot and P-spot vibrator made of 100% platinum silicone with 5 vibration speeds.

By Anne Lomberg on August 3, 2023 -
Updated on October 21, 2023

Also available in German
Maude Spot Review

Éva Goicochea founded Maude in 2018, who recognized a gap in the sex toy industry, and since then, has been promoting sexual well-being with quality, simplicity, and inclusion. In 2020, Dakota Johnson became an investor and co-creative director. In addition to aesthetically designed vibrators, the brand offers care products, lubricants, and condoms.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Spot

That’s my second review for Maude, and actually, I wanted to order Spot in Cream, but that was not so easy, at least for the German market, so I only found the green version. Not that I don’t like green, but since I already have Vibe in the same shade, I wanted to check out the other versions. Spot, just like Vibe, comes in a cylindrical cardboard tube with all the important product details listed. Inside is a nice canvas travel case with a charging cable and instruction manual.

I was particularly surprised by the size of the Spot, as it’s not exactly small, with an overall length of 8.31 inches. So if you’re looking for a discreet vibrator, Spot is unsuitable.

Design & Material

Just like Maude’s other products, Spot is made of 100% platinum silicone. This texture feels pleasantly soft and proves to be easy to clean. Compared to Vibe, however, the overall processing has yet to succeed perfectly this time. You can see the raised seams on the front and back and a big impregnated stamp at the charging port. As a result, liquids such as lubricant or similar get into the cracks, which are difficult to clean. On the other hand, the vibrator is composed of one cast without ABS applications or other distracting elements.

As for the charging port, it was designed the same way as the Vibe, with a tiny hole on the back. This time, however, I had initial difficulties getting the cable to poke through the texture. Eventually, it worked out, and I could charge the Spot. Maude recommends 2 hours for the first charging time. The logo, which is also the on/off button and selection button for the vibrations, flashes green when charging and constantly when the vibrator is ready to start. Due to its design, the Spot is not 100% waterproof, meaning it should not be completely submerged in water, but can be used in the shower or tub without hesitation.


As mentioned, Spot is one of the rather larger vibrators that can be inserted vaginally and also anally. I particularly like the slightly curved, ergonomic design with two different-sized ends, with the shaft to be inserted being smaller and the wider base allowing for perfect handling. Because that has to be emphasized at this point, although the Spot is quite large, it can be held perfectly and controlled easily with one button. The weight is also comfortable so that longer sessions won’t feel exhausting.

Let’s get back to the application possibilities. Maude advertises Spot as an internal vibrator for vaginal and anal use. However, in my test, I also used it clitorally, which was no problem at all. More on that later. Spot cannot be bent and feels extremely firm. The tip is also not pliable or softer. So if you want a flexible vibrator, you should keep that in mind. However, you can already imagine how it can be inserted easily, alternatively, without lube.

Self-Pleasure Test

First, I tested all the vibrations available in my hand. In my previous review of the Vibe, I mentioned how powerful the vibrations are, and again, I have to say chapeau! Instead of 3 vibration settings, there are 5 to choose from. These build up gradually and go into depth. There are no patterns, which I personally prefer. Due to the motor’s power, you can’t expect quiet vibrations, of course, so that’s another thing to consider if you want a discreet sex toy. As with the Vibe, Maude emphasizes easy handling with one-button operation, so Spot is easily controlled. With light pressure on the raised logo, the vibrator turns on and increases with each additional pressure up to the strongest level and then starts again from the beginning. By the way, there is a button lock; it activates when you hold the button down for 3 seconds.

I must confess that I had used Spot several times before writing the review, not even once in the tub, though, and that means something. The reason is that its size and grandeur inspired me to watch it. As most know, I like to watch myself masturbate sometimes, and Spot is, for me, the prime example of an aesthetically shaped vibrator that you want to watch at play.

After overstraining my clit quite a bit with the highest level of Vibe last time, I started slowly with the first setting this time. I also used a water-based lube to feel the vibrator inside and out. Maude offers nourishing and natural lubes in their shop. In my first test, I played with the Spot vaginally and clitorally and found it extremely stimulating. Firstly, because the hardness of the shaft combined with the vibrations applies decent pressure clitorally, while inside, it feels like a stiff cock. The curvature is also not to be sneezed at, which hits the G-spot perfectly and can thus lead to an orgasm. However, since I generally do not climax with G-spot stimulators, this time was no different. Still, the design and feeling totally won me over in my first Self Pleasure test. In the interplay and watching it slide in and out at full length, I came to orgasm. I increased the vibration settings bit by bit so that, in the end, I was able to cope well with even the strongest. Even though Spot is not a clitoral vibrator, I still find it very suitable. The rounded tip hits the hotspots perfectly, and the vibrations do the rest.

In my second test, I used Spot in combination with Vibe because I wanted to know how it feels anally, and for that, I always need additional clitoral stimulation. Of course, Lube and the mirror could not be missing here. With the double stimulation, I noticed above all that Spot is extremely easy to handle, without my wrists hurting or me feeling that I had to let it rest briefly.

I could use my left and right hand to operate both toys well and play with the movements, all with a mirror between my legs. Anal works Spot just as well as vaginal. The size is crucial here for a pleasant feeling of being filled. Those who love anal stimulation will definitely have fun with this vibrator because the vibrations go deep and rumble properly. In addition, it can be inserted and rotated; that’s another advantage of the firm design of the Spot. I did not move it at all after a certain point, but let myself be overwhelmed by the feeling in combination with the strong vibrations while I continued to enjoy myself clitorally. -A seductive game that was crowned with a great orgasm.

Again and again, I used Spot alone and together with other toys. While watching, I also got the taste to test it with a partner in the future, as a double penetration, so to speak. Since I imagine that incredibly arousing, visually as well as felt, of course.

Technical details 

Vibrations5 vibration settings
Water-resistantYes (but not 100% waterproof)
Button lockYes
Length8.31 inches
Warranty1 year
Battery lifeUp to 2 hours
Charging timeUp to 2 hours

Final thoughts

I am just as pleased with my second review of Maude and the Spot as I was with my first and the Vibe. Both vibrators were processed in high quality and look aesthetically sophisticated. Overall, I find the Spot to be weaker in terms of aesthetics due to the seams and bulky stamp on the back.

Otherwise, Spot has much to offer functionally, with strong vibrations, varied application options, and top-notch ergonomics. You can use it clitorally, vaginally, and anally. Feel your way slowly with the enormously powerful vibration programs. Also, remember that they are not quiet, in case you value discretion. Spot can be used with other toys and with a partner, provided he is open-minded about the size. 🙂

With less than 73€, Spot is affordable and offers the full spoiling program. Not to mention, it’s a terrific G-spot vibrator in case G-spot vibrators work for you. This product absolutely convinced me, so I recommend it with a clear conscience.

If you want to buy Spot by Maude, click here.

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