Maude Vibe

Soft touch vibrator made of 100% platinum-grade silicone with bendable flutter tip and simple features.

By Anne Lomberg on June 12, 2023 -
Updated on November 2, 2023

Also available in German
Maude Vibe Review

Éva Goicochea founded Maude in 2018, who recognized a gap in the sex toy industry, and since then, has been promoting sexual well-being with quality, simplicity, and inclusion. In 2020, Dakota Johnson became an investor and co-creative director. In addition to aesthetically designed vibrators, the brand offers care products, lubricants, and condoms.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Vibe

I must admit that I was really looking forward to the review of Maude’s Vibe. I like the concept of the brand, the product selection, and most importantly, the aesthetics of their designs; it matches my understanding of simple elegance. Vibe comes in a minimalist, cylindrical cardboard tube without a lot of frills.

The packaging is just how I like it: product details, simple patterns, and a delicate silhouette of the full-size Vibe; this gives you a real taste before unpacking.

Inside the box is a canvas travel bag with a zipper. Basically, a small culture bag, perfect for carrying and storing the Vibe discreetly and safely. All the important utensils are stored within, including a charging cable, an instruction manual, and the Vibe vibrator.

Design & Material

Well, well, what can I say. I’ve already mentioned how taken I am with the Maude designs and picked the Vibe in green for my test. The color selection of the complete vibrator series makes a statement with consistent shades of cream, green, and gray that you can mix and match in style. In addition to the tasteful color of my chosen model, the concept is also reflected in the booklet. I call it vintage vibes in line with modern purism.

Regarding the haptics, you can immediately sense the high-quality platinum-grade silicone processing. The Vibe feels ultra-soft, making it a treat for texture lovers like me. I can easily imagine using it in foreplay without turning on the vibrations simply because the material is arousing. It’s also great that Maude manufactures their vibrators from one cast, so the design concept doesn’t lose grace.

A tiny hole for the charging cable is at the back of the Vibe. The hole, by the way, is why you shouldn’t expose the vibrator to too much water to avoid damaging the fine electrical sensors. The brand advertises Vibe as water-resistant. It can be used in the shower and tub, but shouldn’t be fully submerged. The charging cable has been designed to be simple and easily plugged in with a bit of pressure.


Now I’ve already made a lot of buzz about design execution and material processing, so I’ll continue my love homage with the design. Vibe is simply a masterpiece that I love to put on my nightstand. Because that’s what it has been made for; with a flattened base, it stands everywhere and looks like a modern sculpture: unobtrusive, shapely, and elegant.

The tip is bendable and softer than the rest of the body, allowing you to use the Vibe all over your body for sensual stimulation with or without vibrations. When turned on, the tip rotates in all directions, hence the name “flutter tip”. 12 cm measures the vibrator and is rather one of the smaller models. However, Maude explicitly advertises it as an external massager, not for insertion. But I’ll tell you later why you can insert it anyway. The compact size makes the Vibe comfortable to hold, while the conical shape allows for more precision; the tip for pinpoint stimulation on the erogenous zones, and the wide contact area for sensual body massages.

I particularly like the small raised logo at the base, which also serves as a switch-on and selection button for the vibrations. Switched on and also in recharge mode, it glows green.

Self-Pleasure Test

Before testing Vibe, I first charged it; this takes less than 2 hours, perfect if you are one of the impatient. Then I tried the three manageable vibration programs in the palm of my hand and immediately noticed that this vibrator has decent power. I would not have expected that even the first level is already intense for my taste. By the way, the Vibe is totally pleasant to operate with only one button. The individual vibration programs increase after switching on and fall after the strongest level back to the beginning! The button lock activates when you hold the button down for 3 seconds. Super intuitive!

Ok, Let’s Go, everything has been tested, and I took Vibe into the tub; even though it’s not meant to be submerged underwater, leaving the charging cable area out is easy unless you’re taking a full bath. Although I felt the power of the Vibe in my palm, I set it straight to the highest setting, which completely overwhelmed me and my clit.

In this context, I would like to draw attention to overstimulating the clit, which can be achieved quickly with the Vibe if you are more sensitive and linger too long on one spot. That’s why I recommend a cautious approach starting with the first level and then increasing peu à peu. And be sure to use a water-based lubricant, which I didn’t do this time and almost burned my clit, literally. Maude offers in their shop particularly nourishing and natural lubes.

Phew, so there I was in the tub and had to take a short break before I restarted the Vibe again (this time level 1). By the way, the flutter tip, combined with water, is visually quite appealing.The water splashed through my legs onto my belly and made pleasant noises, distracting me from the vibrations’ volume. Because the Vibe is not quiet, no wonder with this powerful motor. I started to let the tip glide over my clit, always keeping it moving nicely, while I could already guess that an explosive orgasm would be waiting for me on the other side. There are just incredible vibrations inside, which I can’t compare with any other vibrator in size.

To avoid being surprised by one climax after another and to extend the game a bit more, I started to insert the tip vaginally; this works wonderfully and feels really good. That way, I brought variety to my indulgence program without changing the vibration – stage 1 was my hero. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm building, and damn, it was intense. Just as intense as the vibrations Maude provides with the Vibe.

And the afterglow effect was just as great as the experience itself. It took me a long time to get my head straight and dedicate myself to my upcoming tasks of the day, so I decided to write the review directly. Although I’ve only tested the Vibe once, I already know it will be one of my new favorite vibrators I’ll be experimenting further the next few days to immerse myself in the pleasure of more orgasmic ecstasies. I also imagine this toy to be ideal when used with a partner. Due to the compact size and the many application possibilities, you can certainly experience incredible climaxes together.

Technical details 

Vibrations3 vibration settings
Water-resistantYes (but not 100% waterproof)
Button lockYes
Length4.8 inches
Warranty1 year
Battery lifeUp to 2.5 hours
Charging timeUp to 2 hours

Final thoughts

Maude initially excited me; my Self-Pleasure test with the Vibe only reinforced that. The brand has figured out what matters: high-quality processing, simple functions instead of high-end technology, and everything packed into an aesthetically pleasing design. Chapeau!

It’s also affordable compared to other sexual wellness toys and already available for less than 50€. This price more than does the vibe justice, so you can purchase a top product cheaply. 

Well, the vibrations are not really quiet, but for that, the vibrations go deep, and by deep, I mean intense. Something that you would not expect at first glance of the Vibe. As small and delicate as it seems, it has much power and should be tried cautiously. A realization that has done my personal experience no harm; on the contrary, in the end, Vibe has made me speechless and my day, let’s say, violently’ thrown off track.

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