Porzelina Lai

Love ball made of porcelain to support pelvic floor training.

By Anne Lomberg on October 3, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

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Porzelina Lai

Alina Eynck, who has been working with ceramic dildos since 2014, founded Porzelina. As a brand, they represent self-determined sexuality, stylish play possibilities, and sensual sex toys. In their factory, handmade porcelain toys are created, focusing on the absence of harmful substances, sustainability, ergonomics, and aesthetics. In 2022, the Porzelina product line was awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Lai

The Lai love ball is my second test product from Porzelina, and I have to admit that I was particularly looking forward to it. On the one hand, I’ve always wanted to wear a love ball made of a solid material, and on the other hand, because this model doesn’t have a retrieval string. I had talked to Alina about this beforehand, and she said that you generally don’t need a retrieval string for vaginal use and that it would also be difficult to integrate in porcelain production. Until now, I had only known love balls with retrieval strings or Japanese balls that professionals can easily pop out.

My gut told me I knew my pelvic floor well and was ready to try Lai. The excitement was great, and when I received Lai, it arrived at my home just as beautifully packaged as the porcelain dildo Gia in a smaller black box with a magnetic closure and a hygiene seal. These are the first boxes I keep and store the products in. Even though Lai, just like Gia, can be displayed on the shelf, bedside table, or side table without any problems, simply because it is so aesthetically pleasing.

Inside the box, the love ball lies embedded in black paper strips, while on the left side are the general instructions for use that apply to all Porzelina products. My Lai gives an extremely high-quality impression and has been made from a single cast with the small Porzelina logo at the base. At 60 grams, it is one of the light love balls that beginners can wear. I particularly like the incorporation of the troughs, which function as handles and thus promise easy handling. The special thing about Porzelina products is their unique character. It gives it a greater appreciation knowing that this is my personal edition; and Lai is indeed exquisite.

Design & Material

Design-wise, Porzelina stays true to her classy sculpture character to present Lai in style. The love ball lies comfortably in the hand and feels erotic thanks to its smooth porcelain surface. Due to the pointed shape, you get the feeling that it can be inserted effortlessly while the troughs serve supportively. Overall, the look is very high quality and aesthetically pleasing. The love ball has been thoughtfully designed and looks beautiful; the white color adds elegance. At the base is the small Porzelina logo; the texture there is slightly roughened and may need a little more attention when cleaning. The solution of positioning the logo is perfect and does not detract from the design in any way.

Lai is made of 100% porcelain and is an all-cast production. This material is not only extremely robust, body-friendly, and easy to clean but also sustainable. My model was delivered flawlessly, and the material processing promises a pleasant wearing comfort.


Besides sensual play, love balls serve one purpose above all: targeted pelvic floor training. For this reason, they are mainly round or oval so that they can be easily inserted vaginally and also worn over a longer period. Lai is ergonomically designed with an oval body, pointed front, and troughs at the base for easy insertion and retrieval.

Porzelina recommends starting with a few minutes of wear, then slowly increasing when you are able to get the love ball out easily. As I already mentioned, there is no retrieval string, so the pelvic floor must be somewhat trained to push Lai out in a relaxed manner. Gripping could also be problematic if you are too tense because the ball disappears deeper into the vaginal canal.

However, if you can’t get the ball out immediately, you should try again later because it will not disappear. Nonetheless, I must confess that I had a lot of respect for my Self-Pleasure Test because the ball is very small and not heavy.

Self-Pleasure Test

My previous experience with love balls or vibro eggs has been limited to products with retrieval strings, which, of course, takes much of the pressure off mentally. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to retrieve the toy without any problems when you’ve had enough exercise or fun. It’s a bit different with Lai, so I wanted to see what it would do to me and whether I could get it out on my own. With a well-trained pelvic floor, it’s no problem. It always reminds me of Japanese films where the actresses elegantly squeeze out their Ben Wa Balls, one after the other, without knowing how many more will follow; a very erotic scenario, and with Lai, I get my first taste of what it feels like to carry a ball inside and remove it again using only the pelvic floor muscles.

Just as I was lying in the tub on a Monday morning, it was supposed to happen. The smooth porcelain texture is super-easy to insert, so lube isn’t really necessary, while the two troughs on the handle allow for precise grip. My vagina immediately devoured Lai, and in my head, I thought, ok, this will be fun to remove. But of course, I wanted to concentrate first on the feeling inside, and there, I found the love ball very pleasant, almost inconspicuous. I hardly felt it, only during individual movements that one automatically incorporates into everyday life. This leaves a highly stimulating feeling. Otherwise, the weight of the love ball is very light, so you may forget to wear it, but it is probably ideal for beginners. However, beginners should be brave enough to try a love ball without a retrieval string. As I said, it’s quite challenging if you haven’t had this experience before.

After pushing aside my insecure thoughts, I did everyday tasks. Spruced up the flat, practiced yoga, and prepared breakfast. Especially with yoga, I could feel Lai occasionally and play with my pelvic floor. It’s fun when you become aware of the weight, and you can shift the ball through your muscles alone, but I couldn’t squeeze it out. I tried it in several positions, and when I felt it with my fingers, I noticed how far Lai had disappeared into the vaginal canal, so I waited a little longer for removal. At this point, I would like to say that if the muscles cramp, it is impossible to get it out. In that case, you should stay calm and not panic.

What I liked most was the internalization of the love ball. The feeling of mindful awareness is activated to increase sensitivity. When getting it out, I finally found a position that worked best for me: the squatting position. Thereby, I could reach deep with my fingers and use my pelvic floor muscles to push the ball forward a little, then hold the troughs with my thumb and forefinger and slowly move Lai to slide out.

So, as far as my first experience with Lai is concerned, there is still a lot of room for me to get creative and train more precisely with the love ball inside. I also imagine the erotic game for two very interesting. The partner can experiment with finger techniques and let Lai slide in and out. Not to mention that the texture on the clit is particularly sensual to the touch and visually enormously eroticizing.


Total length2 inches
Width1.3 inches
Weight60 g
Warranty2 years
Use of lubricantAll types

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a different kind of love ball that scores uniqueness and quality, I recommend Lai. This love ball has been handcrafted to a high standard and looks aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, if you’re a bit braver and have a good feeling for your pelvic floor, Lai is the toy of your choice.

Lai can be integrated into everyday life for pelvic floor training as well as for erotic play alone or as a couple. Because the porcelain texture is so beautiful and stimulating at the same time, some sensual inspirations come to mind.

The Love Ball Lai costs €49.00. A price that is quite respectable when considering that you are getting a real one-of-a-kind.

If you want to buy Lai by Porzelina, you can do so directly at Porzelina.

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