Updated Classic Iroha Series

Revised Yuki, Midori, and Sakura series with new charging function, one-button control, and 5 vibration settings

By Anne Lomberg on July 27, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

Also available in German
Updated Classic Iroha Serie

Iroha has updated its Classic Series, and I had the honor of testing them before the product launch. Iroha is a brand created by women for women to dedicate female lust and redefine pleasure with unusual designs, luxurious materials, and simple functions.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.


Yuki, Midori, as well as Sakura come in a customized box where you can already read the most important features. Unlike the old version, you won’t find a charging station anymore, but a compact, magnetic USB cable. Perfect if you own several products and lack space, and also great if you’re on the go and want to pack your favorite vibrator in your purse. However, Iroha doesn’t supply a storage pouch, which would be appropriate to carry the toy around discreetly and safely packed. An instruction manual in several languages provides an overview of the charging process, available functions, cleaning, and storage. With Yuki, Midori, and Sakura, you get a reliable one-year warranty in case something doesn’t work and in case of material or manufacturing defects.

My unboxing of the new Classic Iroha series has convinced me. All products were delivered flawlessly in beautifully designed packaging and promise erotic moments of pleasure, which I will discuss in more detail in the next points. As with my first test product and Iroha’s Kushi, you can see the attention to detail that is stylishly reflected in the packaging and product. The contents of the charging cable and sex toy are enough for me, simply because I’m not a fan of boxes for storage, so I can store all three products in a space-saving way and have them quickly at hand whenever I’m in the mood. But I would have liked a storage pouch after all. 

Design & Material & Functions

Since Kushi had already impressed me during my first test of the brand regarding haptics, design, and material processing, I was convinced that it would be no different with the new products. Yuki, Midori, as well as Sakura are all made of body-friendly, super-soft silicone with a dust-repellent coating. This texture feels incredibly sensual, making you want to feel it all over your body. Yuki and Midori are particularly “squishy,” while you can feel the underlying case with Sakura (except at the tip).

All three products have that gentle vanilla note I noticed with the Kushi, which I particularly like; this allows you to use the toys orally without hesitation and slowly approach the intimate zones.

An absolute top upgrade shows up on the underside of the lay-on vibrators. Iroha has redesigned the buttons and opted for a practical one-button control with a delicate logo design. Not only does this look much more aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes operation a lot more comfortable. A total of 5 settings are available, including 3 vibration strengths and 2 vibration patterns. Yuki, Midori, and Sakura fit perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy handling and variable play options, an absolute gamechanger for erotic foreplay and use all over the body because I have to mention that again at this point, the feel of the Iroha Toys is simply incomparable. Velvety soft and incredibly seductive.

Let’s move on to the design differences of the 3 products. Yuki looks like a little snowman, especially if you get it in white like I did. The advantage, the smaller bullet can be inserted vaginally, so you can switch between vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Midori has a smaller tip that curves upward for pinpoint stimulation on the clit and is just as suitable for insertion. Sakura has a notched tip, so you experience novel sensations not only on the clit, but also on the nipples. I received the classic color series for my test in white, green, and pink, but Iroha also offers it in a new shade in Nadeshiko Pink.

Regarding aesthetics, my favorite is Midori, as I like the shaping with high-curved and ultra-soft tip best, and the color scheme in pastel green appeals to me the most.

Yuki Self-Pleasure Test

Yuki visually convinced me the least of the entire series, yet I was curious to see what the vibrator offered in my Self-Pleasure Test. For this, I first loaded Yuki like the others; this is done relatively quickly and without complications. The magnetic charging cable, on which you place the vibrator, is bombproof, and after 2 hours, it is charged. The vibrations can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button. Those who want strong vibrations should know that they increase but are not rumbling; however, they are whisper-quiet in return. The third setting is my favorite; the other two following patterns pulsate, which can be interesting in couple play, but alone I prefer steady vibrations.

I took Yuki into the tub, as it is waterproof like all the other toys in the series. During play, I stimulated my clit first before inserting the smaller bullet vaginally; this feels really nice, as the bullet and the whole design are so wonderfully squishy. Also, Yuki is super easy to handle. I used it not only in vaginal/clit interplay but also on my inner thighs and nipples. The velvety texture quickly gave me mini orgasms all over my body. As a result, I never feel that I want to climax somehow soon, but rather take a long and extensive time. And since the vibrations are not extremely powerful, you can extend the game to infinity. Even though Yuki didn’t appeal to me that much visually, it still impressed me in my self-pleasure test due to the application possibilities and material processing. The interplay between vaginal and clitoral stimulation brought me to orgasm, which was wonderfully intense.

Midori Self-Pleasure Test

Midori was my favorite in the design test but didn’t convince me as much as the other two products in the self-pleasure test; that’s partly because the vibrations aren’t strong enough, and the tip didn’t feel nearly as good as the Yuki’s when inserted vaginally.

I’ve tested Midori a few times and found that it works best for me in combination with another sex toy. Because then you can let it vibrate clitorally while you have vaginal or anal fun with the other hand and sex toy of choice. Since Midori lies perfectly in the palm of your hand, parallel play is easily possible and, in the end, also brings the stimulating effect until climax. I definitely want to try Midori with a partner, as it appeals to me aesthetically, and I can imagine it being the perfect tease tool. In fact, due to its soft-touch silicone texture and squishy surface, it offers some interesting application possibilities not only on your own erogenous zones.

Sakura Self-Pleasure Test

What makes Sakura so special is its notched tip, which can be used and squeezed in various ways. I wanted to watch and lay in bed, wide-legged with a mirror between my thighs. First, I set the vibration to my favorite level, number 3, and used Sakura on the nipples; this got me in the mood pretty quickly, and I felt my way down to my vulva. Once at my clit, I could see with the help of the mirror how the split tip perfectly encloses the inner labia and can be squeezed, revealing quite novel sensations.

Normally, I always wander around with my vibrators and later linger on one side (the most sensitive), which is my left. With Sakura, however, you can stimulate both sides simultaneously, which meant that I sometimes wanted to withdraw because I couldn’t cope with the sensation. It triggered a hot tingling sensation that you’d better surrender to because a great clitoral orgasm was waiting at the end. Sakura is intended for external use only. I can imagine this vibrator well in combination with a partner and other vibrators or penetration because it is small, handy, and discreet.

Technical details 

Vibrations3 vibration settings & 2 rhythm patterns
RechargeableRechargeable Magnetic charging cable
Warranty1 year
Battery life1.5 hours
Charging time2 hours
ControlOne-button control
MaterialSoft-touch silicone

Final thoughts

The entire updated Classic Iroha series is very well done, especially since I went into detail about the annoying features of the buttons on the bottom and the rather difficult controls in my last review and the Kushi. Even though Kushi is not part of the Classic Iroha series, they were designed similarly, and from the pictures of the old series, I could tell that the controls were created the same way. So now, of course, I’m happy to have 3 aesthetically pleasing products that feel wonderful and are easy to use with one button.

Functionally, Sakura and Yuki have convinced me the most because they feel incredible when combined with the vibrations and bring out new sensations. While you can insert the small bullet of the Yuki vaginally and experience a hot interplay between clit and vagina, the split tip of the Sakura brings interesting stimulation possibilities to both clit and nipple. I didn’t find Midori exciting or powerful enough overall, although the settings and total of 5 vibration programs are the same as the other models. Somehow not so much happened there with me, but I find Midori visually the most beautiful.

Overall, I would recommend the Classic Iroha series for beginners, couples, and anyone who wants to enjoy an exciting texture. The vibrators are guaranteed to integrate wonderfully into foreplay and look aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, which model you choose depends on the stimulation options you desire. For purely external stimulation with a split tip, Sakura is perfect. For a little extra vaginal tease, I recommend Midori, and for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the Yuki.

Yuki, Midori, as well as Sakura are made of high-quality and body-safe silicone for carefree use. They feel incredibly soft, like almost no other product I know (except from Iroha), and are easy to clean. They’re also 100% waterproof for more variety in the bathroom. Maybe the next upgrade will include a free storage pouch to carry the cute vibrators wherever you go discreetly.

If you want to buy the updated Class Series by Iroha, click here.

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