Unbound Babes Stellar

Curved dildo made of high-quality borosilicate glass for internal and external stimulation.

By Anne Lomberg on August 10, 2023 -
Updated on October 26, 2023

Also available in German
Unbound Babes Stellar Review

Unbound Babes are committed to female pleasure and blunt openness regarding sexuality and sex toys. At the time, the brand sent thousands of vibrators to members of Congress to support reproductive health in the fight against sexism.

This review is based on personal preferences, focusing on design, material processing, and function.

Unboxing Stellar

I became aware of Unbound Babes while researching sexual wellness brands designed by women. The brand offers a wide range of vibrators, dildos, lubes, fetish accessories, and merchandise. Immediately, Stellar caught my eye with its elegant curved shape and sparkling look, so I was eager to test and review it. Unbound Babes is an American brand based in New York, so you have to allow extra time and money for shipping for the ordering process. However, since Stellar only costs 33€, it’s well worth it. The toy was delivered in a box that stylishly reflects the color scheme of the Stellar and on which all the important information, such as size, material type, and stimulation options, can already be read. I especially like that the glass dildo has a matching foam interior, so it stays in place during shipping to prevent damage. Furthermore, a silver storage pouch inside matches Stellar’s intergalactic design.

With a total length of 7.5 inches and a circumference of 3.8 inches at the widest point, Stellar is one of the rather smaller dildos, so it is suitable for beginners. I also noticed the weight positively, which promises effortless handling even over a long period of time.

Design & Material

Stellar is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This material processing proves to be particularly robust and temperature-resistant so that you can clean the dildo in the dishwasher and use it for erotic temperature games. My copy has a few small scratches on the surface, which do not detract from the overall design but stand out negatively in my review. I give another point deduction for the logo; Stellar would definitely look nicer without it.

Visually, the dildo has been designed aesthetically pleasing. The varying color gradients in blue always look different depending on how you align it and how the light falls. In addition, the texture is very smooth and promises effortless cleaning.


What makes Stellar particularly unique is the abstract design with a hooked end and wave texture. The waves provide intense sensations during insertion, while the hook allows for ultimate comfort during play, which I will discuss later in the self-pleasure test. Due to its size and width, it is easy to insert vaginally and anally, even without lube, but I still always recommend the additional use of lube during anal play. Stellar is compatible with all types of lubricants.

Because it is made of glass, Stellar cannot be bent. Unbound Babes advertises it as a vaginal, clitoral, and anal dildo. Due to its size, it is suitable for seductive solo sessions as well as in combination with your partner and other toys. One point I like very much is that since the brand also makes vibrators, you can order them directly in one package; this means they don’t just emphasize stimulation without vibrations but leave the pleasure experience up to the user.

Self-Pleasure Test

Before I start reporting on my test with the Stellar, I want to say that this dildo is incredibly versatile and feels especially sensual due to its glass design. I love silicone as much as glass, but no glass dildo has won me over as much as Stellar; this has to do with the shape, which hits my hotspots perfectly, on the one hand, and the pleasant handling, on the other, not to mention the beautiful look. That’s why I wanted to take more time for an extensive solo session for this review.

Equipped with lube, a mirror, another vibrator, and Stellar, I made myself comfortable in bed and initially dispensed the mirror to get more into the feel. Since the visual component is important, I love to watch, whether alone with a mirror or with a partner and camera. But, of course, that’s not a must for every encounter or solo play. With Stellar, I wanted to feel the glass texture and waveform first before watching it slide into me. To do this, I spread a warming lubricant on the shaft and played with my clit. The sensation alone was incredible as the cold texture of the glass gradually warmed up, and I went straight into the mood. Slowly, I changed my movements and gently inserted the dildo into my vagina, only to feel it again on my labia and clit. The warming lube combined with the glass felt amazing, a little tingly and burning, but in a good way. The shaft is super easy to insert, and the wave texture is ideally aligned with my anatomy. It allowed me to stimulate my G-spot, and I experienced great hot flashes. Over and over, I combined Stellar in alternating clitoral and vaginal stimulation and changed the pace. The hooked end offers extremely good handling, so quick movements are possible. Even though I usually always swear by additional stimulation with vibration, this dildo proved me wrong and gave me long, sensual moments with myself before I expanded the game with a vibrator and mirror.

In the process, I stimulated my vagina with Stellar and spoiled myself clitorally with a vibrator. I always took short breaks since I didn’t want to come immediately. With the mirror between my thighs, I could watch everything very closely and liked the sight of Stellar as it slid in and out of me. This sex toy is just beautiful to watch, which made me drift right into fantasizing with a partner. Handling another toy is comfortable, as Stellar is lightweight and ergonomically designed. When inserted vaginally, it can be rotated for new sensations. After turning the Stellar in all possible directions and repeatedly inserting it slowly and quickly inside me, I got the feeling of having activated my G-spot for the first time, and, in combination with the vibrator on my clit, I came to orgasm. This one was intense and jolted through my whole body, but I didn’t want to stop yet. Since Stellar is advertised as an anal dildo, of course, I had to test it anally.

After a short break and the lingering waves of orgasm, I started another round with Stellar for anal play and the vibrator as a clitoral stimulator. Again, I used some lube, this time without the heat effect, as it can be rather uncomfortable anally. Due to the smooth glass texture and the narrow size, it was effortless to insert and felt wonderful. The wave shape is an absolute game-changer and brings multi-faceted sensations. You can insert and play with just the front part or the entire length and then keep varying. That’s how I did it, additionally spoiling my clit with vibrations. It didn’t take long for me to come to another intense climax. If you love anal stimulation like I do, you’ll be thrilled with the Stellar and should try it. I took my time and tried it on all spots. It totally convinced me vaginally as well as anally and is also fun as a tease tool on the clit before it is even inserted.


MaterialBorosilicate glass
Length7.5 inches
Width3.8 inches
Dishwasher safeYes
ApplicationsClitoral, vaginal, anal
Temperature playYes
Use of lubricantAll types

Final thoughts

Happy Feelings brought me Stellar by Unbound Babes. This glass dildo deserves a spot as a favorite toy and will be used often. It is versatile, has a sensual shape, and looks aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the functional benefits of the many stimulation possibilities, I don’t want to disregard the storage. The silver disco-look pouch is perfect for packing Stellar in your handbag, carrying it out in style, and having erotic adventures wherever you go.

Stellar completely won me over during my review. You can use it clitorally, vaginally, and anally without hesitation, plus experiment with temperature play and clean it easily, even in the dishwasher. Although my copy had a few scratches, it doesn’t make the experience any less valuable.

The wave-like design brings novel sensations, and the curved tip reaches the G-spot perfectly. So again, Stellar has another feature covered. It is inexpensive, suitable for beginners as well as professionals, anal lovers, and anyone who would like to add an innovative design to their collection.

If you want to buy Stellar by Unbound Babes, click here.

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