About Insight Pleasure

Insight Pleasure stands for the open exchange of sexual desires. The author, Anne Lomberg, uses her real name instead of a pseudonym, not without reason, to present people with an authentic image on the one hand and to make the naturalness of sexuality tangible on the other.

With Insight Pleasure, she wants to refer to the playfulness in Pleasure in addition to education, which goes hand in hand with the term Insight. She encourages women, in particular, to find a self-determined, playful approach to their sexuality and to communicate and live out as they please. Insight Pleasure offers selected sex toy reviews, personal essays, and erotic stories

About Anne Lomberg

Anne Lomberg was born in Thuringia / Germany, in 1982 and developed her creative passion through poetry and photography. From an early age, she became interested in erotic literature and films – fantasies that she could later express more in Berlin, the capital of kink.

Values such as communication and consent played an important role in interaction in her relationships, which she could fully live out in a playful setting.

Visually and linguistically, she is constantly reinventing herself, always remaining true to one thing: naturalness in sensuality, without masks or boundaries. Her aesthetic perception symbolizes strength in vulnerability – the greatest freedom.

Anne Lomberg is self-taught, currently living in Portugal to surrender more to the elements of nature and draw new inspiration in relationship with herself.