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Pleasure of Pain

Pain internalizes the here and now so that other problems become secondary. You could see it ...

4 days ago By Anne Lomberg


My eyes are wide open; I don't even dare to blink. His fingers plunge into the ...

2 weeks ago By Anne Lomberg

All about the Clit

The most underestimated organ is in the fast lane, and that's a good thing.

3 weeks ago By Anne Lomberg

The Intruder

She had longed for it so much that she didn't care who the stranger was or ...

4 weeks ago By Anne Lomberg

Virtual Pleasure – On Porn in our Society

I think porn should only be consumed as a stimulant and renegotiated in constant dialogue with ...

1 month ago By Anne Lomberg

Wakeup Call

I squirm with pleasure, moan, and forgive. Forgiveness for all the precious years, untouched, unloved, this ...

1 month ago By Anne Lomberg


With my legs spread wide, I slowly slide both fingers in, very deep, matching the music ...

2 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Dust of Days

It's hot, slippery, the vibrations tickling my skin. I like watching her try not to attract ...

2 months ago By Anne Lomberg

Personal Sex Toy Guide

Since I test selected sex toys and write about them, I receive many messages that focus mainly on uncertainties concerning the application possibilities. For this reason, I want to provide a tool with this guide so that you can get a better understanding of the different types of sex toys and also find your personal product that meets the features you care about.

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