Anal Basics Explained

Anal sex is appealing for many reasons. Women find anal penetration much more intense and often experience mega orgasms in combination with vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

By Anne Lomberg on December 13, 2023

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Anal intercourse is probably one of the most controversial sex practices. Some people love it, others are skeptical about it and associate it with pain and filthiness. However, with the right preparation and technique, anal sex can bring out intense sensations and even be addictive. After all, there are countless nerves in the anus that are just waiting to be stimulated.

The right preparation

Anyone who regularly incorporates anal sex into sexual intercourse with their partner knows that special hygiene is essential. On the one hand, you want to be sure that no feces remain after penetration, and on the other hand, you don’t want to spread any diseases. It is, therefore, advisable to use an anal douche a few hours before sex to be on the safe side and feel completely comfortable. However, you should not use an anal douche every day, as the sensitive intestinal flora can be disturbed. Generally, relief 2-3 hours before the actual event is sufficient. In addition, everyone knows that small mishaps can happen during anal sex and that this is completely normal. Basic hygiene and the use of a condom, if necessary, are important. Also, you should never switch from anal to vaginal penetration to prevent intestinal bacteria from entering the vagina; this applies to your masturbation routine with sex toys as well as with your partner.

If you want to try out for yourself what anal stimulation feels like before your first anal intercourse, it’s worth gently feeling it out with your fingers. Use lubricant and make sure your nails are cut short. If necessary, integrate additional toys to stimulate you clitorally and/or vaginally at the same time. Touching your anus for the first time may feel strange, but in combination with other stimuli, it is all the more wonderful.

Slow is the motto

Compared to the vagina, the anus is surrounded by strong sphincter muscles that need to relax first to allow gentle penetration. This is why slow stretching is the be-all and end-all. This stretching can be quite sensual and be easily incorporated into lovemaking by the partner gently inserting a finger and then adding more. Butt plugs and dildos are ideal for preparing the anus for penetration. During penetration, it is important to use considerate tactics in constant consultation with your partner to avoid pain and discomfort. Unlike vaginal intercourse, you should prevent violent thrusts, at least at the beginning. Lubricant should also be used here. Silicone-based lubricants provide longer-lasting lubricity, while water-based lubricants are particularly gentle on the mucous membranes and can be combined with all toys.

The appeal of anal sex

Even if not everyone wants to try anal sex in their lives, everyone has probably thought about what it might feel like. In heterosexual constellations, more men actively perform anal sex, while the majority of women are more likely to be penetrated anally than to satisfy their male partner anally. This has to do with the traditional gender distribution as well as the stigma of homosexuality. However, anal sex can be stimulating for both partners without even questioning the issue of gender. Those in harmony with their body and mind engage in an honest exchange with themselves and their partner in order to truly live out their deepest desires and longings instead of hiding them.

Anal sex is appealing for many reasons. Women find anal penetration much more intense and often experience mega orgasms in combination with vaginal and clitoral stimulation. In addition, devotion plays a major role, as the woman grants access to this sensitive gateway and allows her partner to penetrate. On the submissive level, anal penetration increases the feeling of obedience, especially when practiced on all fours. Men who like to spoil women anally speak of a pleasant feeling of tightness; because the sphincter muscles have to be relaxed first, penetration is only possible with caution, and the sensation is all the stronger. Of course, the view of the buttocks intensifies the excitement with every thrust. In contrast to the submissive level, the dominant is triggered and acted out.

The reason why men also benefit from anal penetration in heterosexual constellations has to do with the prostate. The so-called prostate gland is one of the erogenous zones and can provide intense orgasms when massaged correctly. Many men only discover their prostate and the sensations that come with it accidentally and unintentionally during a prostate check-up, but they could deal with this sensitive organ much earlier and exploit its full potential.

What is anal orgasm really all about?

While men induce anal orgasms via the prostate and experience them particularly intensely, the question for women is whether anal orgasms even exist, as there is no anal hotspot apart from blood vessels and nerves. Nevertheless, women often report anal orgasms that feel different from vaginal or clitoral orgasms. The truth is that the combination of vaginal/clitoral and anal stimulation triggers powerful climaxes and can therefore be perceived and defined as an anal orgasm.

If you are one of those who are curious and want to try anal sex, then I recommend that you do this with a trusted person. Because communication is much easier and more open, boundaries can be clarified more quickly. In my case, I get a lot of pleasure from anal stimulation, but it also took me time to discover and love it. Meanwhile, anal sex is part of a good sex routine for me, and it doesn’t always have to do with penetration but with involvement in the act itself. Talk to your partner, feel your way slowly, use lube, and get into the sensations. If it feels uncomfortable, then maybe it’s not the right time, and you’ll return to this experience later. Anal sex can be wonderfully fulfilling, but not everyone benefits equally from these initially strange sensations because, after all, the anal canal is not intended for sexual intercourse but rather serves as a safety device with its sphincter muscles to hold back the contents of the intestine. For this reason, it is important to approach it consciously, without pain and overstepping boundaries. Otherwise, the anal experience can quickly become a taboo subject.

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